Date: 24.08.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

OddsMatrix Partners with Kindred for Comprehensive Sports Data Services

OddsMatrix Sports Data Services, a division of EveryMatrix Group, has entered into a global partnership with Kindred, a leading operator, to provide comprehensive historical and current sports data ahead of the launch of Kindred’s new proprietary sportsbook.

This collaboration aims to enhance the customer experience by leveraging advanced data analysis and proprietary modelling technology.

Data Access for Competitive Edge

OddsMatrix will supply Kindred with data spanning various major sports, including football, ice hockey, basketball, and tennis, among others. Access to reliable historical and current data is crucial for modern sportsbooks to remain competitive and offer customers an optimal betting experience. This data will support Kindred’s proprietary modelling technology, aligning with the operator’s long-term vision.

OddsMatrix has amassed a wealth of historical data and continues to innovate by offering operators reliable custom datasets. This empowers operators to analyze past team and individual performances, create data projections, and test new odds for both pre-live and live events. Kindred’s incorporation of OddsMatrix’s historical data strengthens the overall OddsMatrix product lineup while providing the industry with improved data access.

Enhancing OddsMatrix Sports Data Services

OddsMatrix Sports Data Services is a comprehensive solution delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements for sports and esports events. Its innovative sports data feed aggregation technology combines odds, settlements, and score feeds from multiple providers into a single, real-time aggregated feed. This integration enables operators to offer competitive event selections, enhancing customer engagement.

Erik Nyman, President EveryMatrix Americas, expressed the company’s excitement to collaborate with Kindred, stating “Kindred was one of the first licensed operators in our industry and their expansion from northern Europe across the world is nothing short of remarkable. We are honoured to be an integral part of their new sportsbook and the cooperation between the companies has been second-to-none. We are excited to follow their roll out and continue support their growth initiatives.”

Ben Colley, Group Head of Trading at Kindred, highlighted the importance of data for developing robust models to generate innovative and accurate markets, stating “We’ve been really happy with what we’ve seen from OddsMatrix and our team of Quant Analysts and Data Scientists are now fully armed to take our internal R&D work in the modelling space to the next level. This cutting-edge technology makes up part of the bedrock of what we’re doing here at Kindred, and this is yet another stepping stone on the journey to complete control of our sportsbook product offering.”

The partnership between OddsMatrix and Kindred exemplifies the increasing significance of data in the sports betting industry. As operators strive to provide superior customer experiences and more accurate odds, collaborations like these underscore the role of advanced data analysis and technology in shaping the future of sports betting platforms.