Date: 07.12.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Last update: 07.12.2023 08:57

Ohio Introduces Free Gambling Block Software as Part of “Time Out Ohio” Program

The Ohio Lottery’s “Time Out Ohio” program, already known for its commitment to responsible gambling, has taken a pioneering step by becoming the first state in the country to offer free blocking software to prevent digital betting.

This program already allows individuals to self-exclude from physical casinos for a duration of one or five years, or even opt for a lifetime ban. If a self-excluded individual is found in a casino, they face strict consequences, including the forfeiture of gambling chips or slot tickets, being escorted off the premises, and potential criminal trespass charges.

Innovative Measures: Ohio’s Pioneering Approach to Responsible Gambling

The latest addition to this initiative is the integration of Gamban’s software, designed to prevent individuals from placing bets across all their devices. This technology represents a significant advancement in self-protection for those struggling with online gambling.

Amanda Blackford, the Director of Operations and Responsible Gaming at the Ohio Lottery Commission, emphasizes the importance of Gamban. Not only does it offer legal blocking tools, but it also extends protection against illegal online gambling markets and other areas beyond the Commission’s authority.

Gamban’s offer, valid for one year, blocks access to popular betting sites like FanDuel, Unibet, Bally’s, and WagerScore in the US. This initiative is particularly significant given the rapid growth of mobile sports betting across the country.

Matt Zarb-Cousin, co-founder of the UK-based Gamban, praises Ohio’s forward-thinking approach and expresses hope that other states will follow suit.

Our Comment on the Article

Ohio’s proactive stance in introducing free blocking software as part of its “Time Out Ohio” program is a commendable move in the sphere of responsible gambling. By acknowledging the digital evolution of gambling, Ohio is addressing a critical aspect of addiction prevention. The collaboration with Gamban is a smart strategy, blending technological solutions with regulatory measures.

This initiative not only aids individuals in controlling their gambling habits but also sets a precedent for other states to consider similar measures. Ohio’s approach, blending physical and digital self-exclusion tools, reflects a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of gambling addiction in the modern era.