Date: 06.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:42

OKTO and Macao Win Pioneer Cash-to-Digital Payments in Italy

The Italian gaming market is poised to witness a transformative collaboration as OKTO partners with Macao Win to launch OKTO.PVR, an innovative cash-to-digital payment solution tailored for the Italian market.

Bridging the Gap with OKTO.PVR

This partnership sets a new precedent in the industry, offering players a seamless way to convert cash into digital funds for their iGaming activities, while maintaining full compliance with Italy’s stringent gaming regulations.

Compliance and Convenience Combined

In an industry where regulation is as vital as innovation, OKTO and Macao Win have taken a step forward to align with Italy’s regulatory framework.

This strategic alliance provides a state-of-the-art phygital payment solution, bridging the divide between the excitement of online gaming and the tangible transactions at retail locations.

This solution, integrated with Exalogic, allows for hassle-free cash top-ups at numerous recharge points, thus ensuring players have uninterrupted access to their funds.

A Tailored Solution for the Italian Market

OKTO.PVR, part of the expansive OKTO.WALLET suite, has been designed with the Italian Top up Sales Points (PVR) market in mind, offering a solution that is not just convenient and secure but also ahead of the curve in regulatory compliance.

Dante Micucci, the Country Manager for Italy at OKTO, highlights the importance of this collaboration: “We are glad to collaborate with Macao Win to introduce OKTO.PVR to the Italian gaming market.”

In response, Cristiano Martini, the Managing Director of Macao Win, acknowledges the competitive edge this partnership offers: “Macao Win takes pride in being the first merchant to offer OKTO.PVR.”

Our Comment on the Article

The joint venture between OKTO and Macao Win is a game-changer for the Italian iGaming industry. It’s a bold step towards modernizing the payment process within the gaming sector, addressing the need for compliant and convenient transaction methods.

This move is indicative of the industry’s broader shift towards integrating digital solutions that cater to both the regulatory demands and the user’s desire for seamless gaming experiences.

OKTO’s focus on creating a product that resonates with the Italian market is a testament to their understanding of local market needs and regulatory requirements.

As OKTO.PVR rolls out, it will be intriguing to see how this phygital solution impacts player engagement and sets a new standard for payment solutions in the iGaming sector.


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