Date: 05.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:47

OpenBet Enhances Partnership with Sazka through Neccton’s Gambling Compliance Solution

OpenBet, a leading provider of content, platforms, and services to the sports betting industry, has solidified its partnership with Sazka by introducing Neccton’s gambling compliance products to the Czech Republic’s lottery operator.

OpenBet Enhances Partnership with Sazka through Neccton's Gambling Compliance Solution

This strategic move demonstrates OpenBet’s commitment to promoting responsible gaming and compliance within the industry.

AI-Based Compliance Solution Integration

Sazka has successfully integrated Neccton’s AI-based compliance solution across its lottery, sportsbook, and casino offerings. This marks the first implementation of Neccton’s technology since OpenBet’s acquisition of the company in June 2023. Neccton, a leader in responsible gaming, anti-money laundering (AML), and fraud detection, has a strong track record in developing software and services for the gaming sector, boasting over 15 years of experience under the leadership of industry veterans Dr. Michael Auer and Andreas Schneeberger.

As part of the Allwyn Group, Sazka holds the distinction of being the largest lottery operator in the Czech Republic, with a dominant market position in lotteries and similar games. This latest deployment of Neccton’s technology represents a significant milestone in Sazka’s ongoing partnership with OpenBet. In July 2022, Sazkabet, the sportsbook arm of Sazka, successfully transitioned to OpenBet’s sports betting technology and services.

Commitment to Compliance and Player Protection

Jason Ayton, VP of Corporate Development & Strategy at OpenBet, emphasized the importance of their expanded capabilities in the gambling compliance arena. He stated “Partnering with Sazka to integrate Neccton’s leading technology across a number of its offerings demonstrates the core reason we expanded our capabilities within the gambling compliance arena. Operators are keen to extend their resources in this area, and now we have the product suite to cater to those demands following our acquisition of Neccton.

“We are proud to work with WLA members and help them remain compliant, while improving their player experience.”

Pavel Gernt, Player Protection Manager at Sazka, highlighted the company’s dedication to both fun and responsibility. He said “Sazka is about fun and responsibility. In addition to complying with all legislation, we also take a number of measures beyond the law. We are dedicated to prevention, early identification of risky players and cooperation with non-profit institutions that are able to lend a helping hand.

“No matter how good the intervention strategies you have in place, you can’t use them if you are blind, therefore we decided to implement Neccton’s compliance toolkit and further improve the quality of detection of players at risk.”

The integration of Neccton’s cutting-edge compliance technology into Sazka’s operations is a testament to the commitment of both OpenBet and Sazka to responsible gaming and player safety. This strategic partnership aims to create a safer and more responsible gaming environment while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. It reflects the ongoing evolution of the gaming industry towards greater accountability and player protection.



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