Date: 25.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

PartnerMatrix Elevates Affiliate Marketing with DeepCI Integration

PartnerMatrix has taken a significant leap forward in affiliate marketing by integrating DeepCI’s innovative analytical tools into its platform. This integration empowers PartnerMatrix customers to unlock new opportunities, enhance their brand’s visibility, and maximize operational efficiencies and revenues through cutting-edge analytics.

PartnerMatrix revolutionises affiliate marketing data analysis with DeepCI integration

Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing Operations

With DeepCI’s technology, PartnerMatrix clients can now easily identify high-potential new affiliates across global markets, pinpoint key traffic sources, and optimize their affiliate campaigns with precision. This integration allows for the identification of high-value pages on affiliate sites and provides deep insights into site ownership and traffic dynamics.

Affiliate managers utilizing PartnerMatrix can now expedite their processes, effectively saving time and resources. They can swiftly ascertain which affiliates and sites yield the best results, pinpoint new affiliates based on performance metrics, and implement real-time optimizations based on comprehensive traffic analysis at both the page and link level across millions of websites worldwide.

For the first time in the industry, affiliate website traffic analytics are being combined with player data metrics, such as First Time Depositors and Net Gaming Revenue, providing a holistic view of affiliate performance.

A Milestone in Affiliate Marketing

The collaboration with DeepCI, a member of the EveryMatrix group, represents a landmark moment in affiliate marketing. It underscores PartnerMatrix’s dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions for affiliate marketing analysis and management.

Vahe Khalatyan, CEO of PartnerMatrix, commented on the partnership, stating, “Through this alliance, PartnerMatrix is introducing an entirely new and exclusive level of affiliate marketing solutions, providing our customers with complete control over every element of affiliate operations.” He highlighted the commitment to ensuring transparency in affiliate collaborations and enhancing the competitive edge for operators through this synergy.

Lewis Civin, CEO of DeepCI, echoed this sentiment, expressing confidence in the integration’s potential to combine the strengths of two industry leaders, thereby creating the most advanced affiliate marketing toolkit to date. He remarked, “This collaboration will empower operators globally, equipping them with the foremost analytical solutions, supercharging their affiliate efficiencies to unprecedented heights.”

Unprecedented Data Access and Analytical Power

The integration makes DeepCI’s interface and functionalities accessible within the PartnerMatrix system, granting clients access to the largest and most sophisticated data products in the industry. Conversely, PartnerMatrix’s financial data is also made available within the DeepCI platform, facilitating a seamless exchange of critical information and insights.

This strategic partnership not only enhances the capabilities of PartnerMatrix’s platform but also sets a new standard in affiliate marketing, offering operators the tools they need to optimize their affiliate campaigns and drive unparalleled growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.