Date: 05.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

PartnerMatrix Elevates iGaming Club London 2024 as Bar Sponsor

AffPapa is set to enhance the iGaming Club London 2024 experience with PartnerMatrix, a premier iGaming Affiliate Marketing Software, stepping in as the Bar Sponsor for the much-anticipated event.

With the countdown to the event ticking down to just 5 days, PartnerMatrix is poised to join a prestigious roster of sponsors, ready to engage with the iGaming community and unveil their latest advancements, particularly highlighting their recent integration with DeepCI.

A Platform for Innovation and Networking

PartnerMatrix, renowned for its comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Software Platform and Agent Management System, offers casino and betting operators full control over their marketing endeavors across both online and offline channels. With a history of empowering over 300 international brands to connect with over 20 million players worldwide, the company’s participation in iGaming Club London promises to bring invaluable insights and opportunities for collaboration within the industry.

Vahe Khalatyan, CEO at PartnerMatrix, shared his enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing the unique networking and showcase opportunities iGaming Club London provides. “Our recent integration with DeepCI has equipped us with exciting developments to share, and we look forward to fostering new partnerships and reconnecting with industry peers during this event,” Khalatyan remarked.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

The VIP Dinner on February 6th serves as the inaugural gathering for this year’s iGaming Club series, offering an intimate setting for industry affiliates, operators, and providers to network over dinner and drinks. This exclusive event underscores the club’s commitment to facilitating meaningful connections within the iGaming community.

Yeva Avagyan, Head of Commercial at AffPapa, expressed her anticipation for PartnerMatrix’s contribution as the Bar Sponsor. “PartnerMatrix’s reputation for delivering top-notch services to operators makes them a perfect fit for iGaming Club London. Their involvement is sure to spark interest among our extensive operator network, further strengthening our collaborative ties,” Avagyan stated.

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between AffPapa and PartnerMatrix at iGaming Club London 2024 signifies a strategic alliance that aims to enrich the event’s networking and business potential. As the Bar Sponsor, PartnerMatrix is not only set to showcase its latest innovations but also to facilitate engaging discussions and collaborations among iGaming professionals.

This collaboration highlights the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry, where technology and personal connections drive growth and innovation. As the event approaches, anticipation builds for the opportunities and insights that will emerge from this convergence of industry leaders.