by Mateusz Mazur

PayPlan Joins Forces with GambleAware to Combat Gambling Stigma

In a significant move to address the stigma associated with gambling-related harms, PayPlan has announced its collaboration with GambleAware in support of Stigma, a national public health campaign.

This initiative aims to break down barriers and encourage open discussions about the challenges faced by those affected by gambling.

The Stigma of Gambling Harms

GambleAware’s nationwide initiative has shed light on a concerning trend: 75% of individuals struggling with gambling issues feel unable to share their troubles with close ones.

The primary obstacle? Stigma. This barrier not only silences them but also hinders their journey towards recovery and support.

Wide-Ranging Impact

Gambling harms extend beyond the obvious financial troubles, deeply affecting mental health and relationships. Research indicates that over 30% of PayPlan’s clients report negative impacts on their mental well-being due to gambling.

These findings underscore the urgent need for a change in how society views and addresses gambling-related issues.

Attitude and Perception Study

GambleAware’s recent research dives into societal attitudes towards gambling harms. The results are telling: 62% believe that there’s a negative judgment towards those suffering from gambling issues, while 56% recognize the importance of challenging these stigmas.

Zoë Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, emphasizes the hidden and complex nature of gambling harms. “It is critical that when accessing financial services, especially when due to the impact of gambling harms, people feel they can talk openly about the issues they may be experiencing and are made aware of the wide range of support services available.”

Emma Gibbons, Vulnerability Lead at PayPlan, highlights the need for increased societal conversations to change perceptions around gambling-related debts. “Through our relationship with GamCare, we’ve been able to develop appropriate pathways into debt advice and regularly carry out training to the wider financial services sector to help them ensure they’re up to date with the latest information and advice.”

Raminta Diliso, Financial Harm Manager at GamCare, discusses the intertwined nature of gambling and financial difficulties. “Harmful gambling and debt can often go hand-in-hand, and our latest data shows that 76% of people seeking support from GamCare are experiencing financial difficulties. We continue our collaborative work with PayPlan, which includes staff training and establishing referral pathways between both organisations.”

Our Comment on the Article

This collaboration between PayPlan and GambleAware marks a crucial step in addressing the often-overlooked issue of gambling-related stigma.

By fostering an environment of openness and understanding, they are paving the way for more effective support and recovery for those affected.

It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of changing societal perceptions to make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with gambling harms.

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