by Antoni Majewski

Playson Expands Reach through Strategic Hub88 Partnership

Playson, a rapidly ascending force in digital entertainment, has inked a pivotal agreement with Hub88, a leading platform aggregator. This partnership marks a significant stride in Playson’s expansion, making its rich portfolio of games accessible to Hub88’s vast network of operators.

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A Synergistic Collaboration

The integration of Playson’s library, including its newest hits like Crystal Land 2, Jelly Valley, and Sherwood Coins: Hold and Win, into Hub88’s cutting-edge aggregation platform, signifies a major leap in digital gaming distribution. Hub88, known for its robust back-office capabilities and flexible solutions, bridges the gap between top-tier operators and suppliers, further solidifying its status in the gaming industry since its establishment in 2017.

This collaboration comes on the heels of Playson’s recent attainment of a Gibraltar license, underscoring its commitment to reinforcing its presence across European markets. Blanka Homor, Sales Director at Playson, emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, “This integration with Hub88 will ensure Playson’s games get further recognition across some of the most highly-functioning iGaming markets in the world.” She further highlighted the company’s ambition, aiming to become the leading games provider globally.

Hub88’s Endorsement of Playson’s Excellence

Ollie Castleman, Head at Hub88, lauded Playson’s remarkable performance in 2023, acknowledging its role in launching some of the most noteworthy slots in the industry. Castleman’s statement, “Playson has enjoyed an outstanding 2023, launching some of the most memorable slots in the market as well as scooping the industry’s most coveted awards,” reflects the aggregator’s enthusiasm for partnering with top-notch slot suppliers like Playson.

Forward-Looking Insights

The alliance between Playson and Hub88 is more than a mere content distribution deal; it’s a testament to Playson’s quality and Hub88’s commitment to excellence.

As Playson continues to innovate and expand its offerings, partnerships like these are instrumental in navigating the competitive landscape of digital gaming, promising a brighter future for both entities and their stakeholders.

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