Date: 20.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 20.09.2023 08:36

Playson Introduces Hold for Spin Feature, Transforming Slot Gameplay

Playson, a trailblazer in digital entertainment innovations, presents its latest offering: the Hold for Spin feature.

Playson Introduces Hold for Spin Feature, Transforming Slot Gameplay iGamingExpress

Designed to provide players with greater control and faster gameplay, this addition heralds a new era in the world of slot gaming. This article delves into the details of this innovative feature and its potential impact on the gaming experience.

Empowering Players with Control

Hold for Spin is a groundbreaking feature that empowers players to take control of their gaming experience. When players maintain pressure on the spin button, similar to the autoplay mode, the gameplay accelerates. Upon release, the game returns to its original pace.

This dynamic allows players to dictate the speed of the game, making it ideal for adjusting to specific in-game events. Notably, it offers players the opportunity to swiftly access the game’s primary features, potentially expediting the activation of bonus modes.

Two Distinct Game Speed Modes

This UX enhancement introduces two game speed modes. First, Quick Spin, a familiar feature, ensures a balanced gameplay speed. Second, Turbo Spin captures the essence of rapid RNG server reactions, focusing on achieving coveted bonuses quickly.

Turbo Spin sessions have shown impressive statistics, with the average sum of bets increasing by 65% and the average bet rising by 7% for players engaging with this feature.

Immediate Availability and Positive Impact

The Hold for Spin feature is already accessible in Playson’s most recent game releases across various regulated markets. Initial data indicates a positive impact on player engagement.

Playson is committed to incorporating Hold for Spin into all upcoming game releases. Additionally, the company plans to enhance its existing top game portfolio by introducing this innovative functionality in eligible markets.

Nataliia Shkarbanova, PO at Playson, emphasized the significance of Hold for Spin: “Hold for Spin is not just a feature; it’s one of the key steps to refine the Playson experience. Catering to the needs of players who seek more control over the gameplay, we’ve developed a responsible solution that aligns with their preferences. From an operator’s standpoint, the rise in wager amounts and bet sizes due to Turbo Spin is lucrative, even if these sessions are briefer. Playson’s commitment to adapting to market shifts is evident with this launch, and we remain optimistic about its performance in the forthcoming months.”