Date: 14.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 14.09.2023 10:21

Playtech Partners with IDVerse to Revolutionize Player Onboarding

Playtech, the online gaming software supplier to the industry’s top operators, has joined forces with IDVerse (formerly OCR Labs Global), a world-leading digital ID verification company, to enhance player onboarding processes.


Playtech Partners with IDVerse to Revolutionize Player Onboarding iGamingExpress

The partnership addresses the increasing pressure on operators to enhance player onboarding and verification, offering advanced technology solutions to enable full automation. Playtech aims to provide its customers with integrated access to a solution that can swiftly onboard players remotely from anywhere in the world.

Zero Bias AI™ for Streamlined Onboarding

Operators can integrate IDVerse’s Zero Bias AI™ tested technology into their platforms, allowing for scalable player onboarding while reducing the risk of fraud. This technology enables instant verification of new players worldwide, using only a smartphone and facial recognition, without the need for human intervention, leading to reduced drop-off rates and near-instant results.

IDVerse’s fully automated solution can verify new players within seconds across more than 220 countries and territories, covering over 16,000 documents. The technology employs generative AI to train deep neural network systems, ensuring non-discrimination based on factors such as race, age, and gender. It boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 99.99% in independent lab testing.

The Significance of the Partnership

Fiona Davies, Head of Gaming at IDVerse, emphasized that this partnership empowers Playtech operators to utilize a cutting-edge ID verification solution. She said: “This partnership enables Playtech operators to utilise a cutting-edge ID verification (IDV) solution that eliminates the need for manual authentication of ID documents worldwide. This advancement not only streamlines operational processes but also enhances onboarding speed significantly. With the implementation of IDVerse’s technology, IDVerse’s solution automates verification procedures entirely, addressing the common challenge of slow and costly manual document reviews, frequently encountered by operators using older solutions.

”Our document ID coverage is the most robust on the market today due to the proprietary way in which our neural networks review identity documents. This allows customers to scale into growing markets with one IDV supplier, facilitating flexibility to onboard players wherever they are and whenever they want to play.”

IDVerse’s technology offers the most robust document ID coverage on the market, thanks to its proprietary neural networks for identity document review. This enables customers to expand into growing markets with a single IDV supplier, facilitating flexibility to onboard players wherever and whenever they wish to play.

IDVerse’s technology has undergone rigorous testing by NIST-accredited labs, including iBeta and BixeLab, against recognized international biometric standards such as TDIF, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). This level of testing certification sets IDVerse apart in the ID verification industry, both in terms of comprehensive standards coverage and exceptional test performance.

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