by Antoni Majewski

PopOK Gaming’s 18 Slot Games Make Their Mark in Lithuania

PopOK Gaming, known for its premium slot games, has recently achieved a significant milestone in the iGaming industry. The company has successfully certified 18 of its slot games, along with its 4-level progressive jackpot, aligning with the regulations of the Lithuanian iGaming jurisdiction.

18 PopOK Gaming slots

A Milestone for Market Expansion

This certification marks a crucial step for PopOK Gaming, enabling them to expand their game distribution in the Lithuanian region. It’s not just an expansion but a solidification of their position in the regulated market. This breakthrough is seen as a pivotal movement towards offering local players top-tier gaming experiences within a secure and regulated environment, significantly benefiting the company’s partners.

Tsovinar Elchyan on Meeting Local Regulations

Tsovinar Elchyan, Product Manager at PopOK Gaming, expressed her enthusiasm about this achievement: “It is extremely encouraging to gain game certification also for Lithuania. It paves the way for local players to savor a diverse array of our games, including beloved titles such as Yummy, Diamond Flash, Lost Treasure, 20 Hot Bar, Los Apaches, Lucky Jungle, and many more! Quality is of utmost importance at PopOK Gamings, and meeting local regulations helps us to achieve the quality we are so proud of.”

Our Comment on the Article

PopOK Gaming’s recent expansion into the Lithuanian market is a testament to their commitment to quality and regulatory compliance. This move not only enhances their portfolio but also enriches the Lithuanian gaming landscape with diverse and high-quality slot games.

It’s a strategic step that strengthens their market presence and underscores the importance of adhering to local regulations in the iGaming sector. For players and partners alike, this development promises a blend of entertainment, security, and compliance, setting a new standard in the industry.

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