by Kajetan Sawicz

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of the igaming and technology sectors, tracing its origins back to 2017 when it first emerged as a pivotal gathering for industry pioneers.

The Formative Years and Growth

Originally launched to complement the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference (CEEGC) in Budapest, the Prague Gaming Summit quickly distinguished itself as a crucial forum for discussing the future trajectories of the igaming industry. The introduction of TECH Conference Europe in 2019 marked a significant expansion, broadening the summit’s scope to encompass emerging tech sectors like blockchain, AI, and cybersecurity, thereby bridging the gap between igaming and the wider technological sphere.

The integration of the TECH Conference Europe with the Prague Gaming Summit in 2023 represented a watershed moment, reflecting the increasingly blurred lines between gaming, technology, and other interconnected industries. This merger not only expanded the summit’s reach but also doubled its attendee numbers, solidifying its status as a must-attend event for professionals across various sectors.

The Consolidated Future: 2024 and Beyond

The consolidation of the Central and Eastern Europe events into a singular Prague Gaming & TECH Summit in 2024 signals a new era of growth and opportunity. This year’s edition is poised to be the most comprehensive yet, featuring an impressive array of speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities designed to foster collaboration and innovation.

The 2024 summit boasts a diverse lineup of over 85 speakers from leading organizations and firms that are shaping the future of gaming and technology. This convergence of thought leaders from BETER, Bird & Bird, GLI Europe, and many others, underscores the summit’s role as a crucible for groundbreaking ideas and trends.

Our Commentary on the Evolution

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit’s evolution from a regional gaming conference to a global platform for cross-industry collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and dialogue. As the summit continues to adapt and grow, it remains a beacon for those looking to navigate the ever-changing landscapes of gaming and technology. The legacy of the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is not just in its ability to reflect the current state of these industries but in its foresight to anticipate and shape their futures.

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