by Mateusz Mazur

Raketech Announces Leadership Change as CEO Oskar Mühlbach Steps Down

Raketech, a key player in the iGaming industry, has announced a significant shift in its leadership structure. Oskar Mühlbach, who has served as the CEO since December 2019, will be stepping down from his role.

This decision, made jointly with the Board of Directors, is attributed to differing views on the company’s strategic direction. Johan Svensson, a co-founder and former Board member, will assume the role of Acting CEO until a permanent replacement is appointed.

A Strategic Transformation Under Mühlbach’s Leadership

During his tenure, Oskar Mühlbach has been instrumental in leading Raketech through a period of strategic transformation and growth. Despite his successful guidance, divergent views on the company’s future strategies have led to the mutual decision for him to leave the company.

Johan Svensson, stepping into the role of Acting CEO, is one of Raketech’s original founders. He has an extensive background with the company, having served as CEO of Raketech Group Holding PLC until 2017, and most recently as the Chief Commercial Officer. His deep understanding of the company and its operations is expected to guide Raketech seamlessly during this transition period.

Statement from Ulrik Bengtsson, Chairman of Raketech’s Board

Ulrik Bengtsson, the Chairman of Raketech’s Board, expressed his gratitude towards Mühlbach: “During his four years as CEO, Oskar Mühlbach has led the company through a strategic transformation and a growth journey. As Mühlbach and the Board of Directors have different views on the strategic considerations for the Company going forward, we have agreed to part companies. The Board is confident in appointing the co-founder and former Board member Johan Svensson to lead the company until a new permanent CEO is in place. The Board would like to take the opportunity to thank Oskar Mühlbach as he has played an important role in the company’s success over the past four years. Thanks to his leadership, the company has a strong foundation to build upon moving forward.”

Despite this leadership change, Raketech assures that its full-year guidance for 2023 remains unchanged, indicating stability and continued adherence to its strategic goals.

Our Comment on the Article

The departure of Oskar Mühlbach from Raketech marks the end of an era of significant growth and transformation for the company. As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, such changes in leadership are not uncommon and often signal a shift in strategic focus.

Johan Svensson’s appointment as Acting CEO brings a familiar face with a proven track record to the forefront, offering a sense of continuity and stability. This transition period will be crucial for Raketech as it navigates the dynamic and competitive landscape of the iGaming industry, and it will be interesting to see how the company evolves under this new leadership. The emphasis on maintaining the company’s performance and strategic direction during this transition is a positive sign for stakeholders and the industry at large.

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