Date: 15.04.2024

by Adam Dworak

Raketech Secures Key Media Partnership with Danske Spil to Boost Danish Market Presence

Raketech Group, has recently fortified its presence in the Danish market through a strategic three-year media partnership with Danske Spil, the state-owned gambling operator.

This partnership represents a significant step for Raketech, marking its second major media agreement in Denmark following a recent deal with VBET.

A Strategic Alliance for Growth

It is poised to drive continued growth in the region and diversify Raketech’s revenue streams, aligning with the company’s long-term strategic goals. Raketech has a history of successful collaborations with state-owned operators, including Svenska Spel in Sweden, which bolsters its reputation and operational stability.

Johan Svensson Speaks on the New Partnership

Johan Svensson, Acting CEO of Raketech, expressed his enthusiasm about the new venture: “We are happy to announce a three-year media partnership with Danske Spil, expanding our media offering while continuing to provide market-leading online assets to the Danish market. The partnership marks a milestone for Raketech in Denmark and is an endorsement of our product offering of supporting large, successful operators that demand high standards of execution.”

Implications for the Danish iGaming Landscape

This partnership is set to have a profound impact on the Danish iGaming landscape, providing enhanced marketing capabilities and support to one of Denmark’s most prominent betting operators.

By leveraging Raketech’s robust media solutions, Danske Spil can look forward to more effective engagement with its target audience and potentially increased market share in the competitive Danish market.

Our Comment on the Article

The new media partnership between Raketech and Danske Spil represents more than just a business agreement; it is a strategic alignment that could shape the future of the iGaming landscape in Denmark. As Raketech continues to expand its portfolio and strengthen its position in the market, this collaboration with a state-owned entity like Danske Spil not only boosts Raketech’s credibility but also enhances its capability to influence the Danish betting scene positively.

This partnership could serve as a blueprint for similar collaborations in the industry, highlighting the importance of robust media partnerships in achieving sustainable growth and diversification in the iGaming sector.

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