by Mateusz Mazur

Rank Group Adopts DoTrust Complete

In a significant stride towards enhancing player protection in the igaming sector, Department of Trust unveils DoTrust Complete.

This groundbreaking platform stands as the first to provide an all-encompassing solution for financial risk evaluations, streamlining the assessment process throughout the player’s journey.

Rank Group Leads the Way

Rank Group plc, a distinguished figure in the UK’s gaming landscape with a diverse portfolio of online and land-based venues, takes the lead as the inaugural adopter of DoTrust Complete. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to advancing responsible gambling practices.

The UK gambling industry has long grappled with the complexities of conducting separate financial risk, affordability, and AML checks. These fragmented processes often led to operational inefficiencies, heightened costs, and compromised player experiences, with the looming threat of regulatory sanctions. The imminent revisions to the Gambling Act, advocating for more rigorous player vulnerability checks, further accentuate the need for a streamlined assessment approach.

DoTrust Complete: Comprehensive, Customizable, and Compliant

DoTrust Complete rises to the challenge by amalgamating all critical assessments into a singular, intuitive platform. Harnessing the latest in both public and proprietary data sources, some being introduced to the gambling sector for the first time, the platform ensures thorough income verification and vulnerability detection. Its customizable nature empowers operators to tailor their risk assessment protocols, ensuring compliance and auditability, thus fostering a safer gambling environment.

Michael Byrne, COO at Department of Trust, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We are delighted to officially launch Complete ahead of the expected change in regulation this year. Operators now have a reliable, comprehensive and industry-first service they can rely on to meet all current and future requirements. Complete reduces friction for customers and increases certainty and efficiency for operators.”

Liam Smith, Director of Customer Operations for Rank Interactive, echoed this sentiment, remarking, “Rank has always been at the forefront of consumer protection and are constantly seeking ways to improve our player experience within a safe environment. DoTrust Complete is the first tool we have found that has been specifically developed for gambling operators. The efficiency and degree of control which Complete gives is impressive and we are excited to leverage these capabilities in building our business.”

Our Comment on the Article

The introduction of DoTrust Complete marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of safer gambling practices within the igaming industry. By providing a unified solution for financial risk assessments, the platform not only simplifies compliance for operators but also sets a new standard for player protection.

As the industry prepares for regulatory changes, the collaboration between Department of Trust and Rank Group exemplifies a proactive approach to safeguarding players, reinforcing the industry’s commitment to responsible gambling.

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