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Ranking of Law Firms Specializing in the Gambling Industry in Poland

In the narrow field of gambling law in Poland, there are few law firms that specialize in the area of regulation related to betting, casinos, and other branches of gambling. In our ranking, we present law firms that stand out for their specialization in this field. This list is prepared to help operators find the right partners to conduct, for example, the licensing process, and to choose multi-level legal advice already in the course of running a business.

6. The Law Office Justyna Grusza-Głębicka, Ph. D.

This law office is distinguished by its deep knowledge and experience in the field of gambling law and anti-money laundering (AML) rules.

Ph. D. Justyna Grusza-Głębicka, the founder of the law office, is a respected lawyer with an established position in the area of gambling. Her activity in this industry includes not only professional legal services, but also involvement in initiatives supporting women in the gambling sector. This proves her commitment to develop this specialization.

Clients who use the services of Ph. D. Justyna Grusza-Głębicka Law Office are guaranteed not only reliable advice in the field of gambling law, but also support in matters related to the compliance of AML regulations.

5. Żyglicka i Wspólnicy Law Firm

Żyglicka i Wspólnicy Law Firm provides constant and comprehensive services to companies operating in the gambling sector. It cooperates closely with the renowned law firm WH PARTNERS based in Malta, and this is mainly due to Ewa Lejman-Widz, who represents both entities.

The team of lawyers operating within the Gaming and Gambling Department of this law firm provides comprehensive services covering all aspects related to the organization and provision of gambling services. Their specialization covers industry-specific issues such as compliance of operations with Polish legal regulations as well as international and national standards, procedures for obtaining licenses and permits, intellectual property rights, data protection and many others.

This department advises both domestic and foreign entities operating in the gaming and gambling sector, covering virtually all aspects of their business. Particular emphasis is placed on the process of applying for licenses and permits and on ensuring compliance of the conducted business with applicable legal regulations.

With a solid understanding of the industry, the law firm can provide support in mergers and acquisitions, commercial negotiations, policies, procedures, contracts, as well as corporate structure and establishment of new businesses. It also offers advice on the protection of intellectual property rights and data security.

The law firm has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • The process of applying for a license and permit, both for fixed and online operators.
  • Representation of operators before regulators.
  • Draw up of documents for operators, such as commercial contracts, procedures, regulations, and documentation related to compliance and terms of service.

4. KWKR Konieczny Wierzbicki and Partners Law Firm

The law firm, which has won the fourth place in our ranking of law firms specializing in the gambling industry, has long-standing experience in providing legal advisory services to participants in the gambling sector.

Their team of legal experts offers legal support to the largest national and international companies that run casinos, organize parimutuel betting, have a state monopoly on gambling and operate in the world of online gambling.

In Poland, they provide legal services for Novomatic, and to the knowledge of our editorial team, they are conducting a licensing process for Admiral, which is applying for licenses to offer parimutuel betting in our country.

This law firm is not only a source of legal support, but also a partner that helps clients understand and effectively deal with the dynamic and demanding environment of the gambling industry. Its extensive range of activities covers all aspects of gambling law and is tailored to the individual needs and business goals of customers.

3. BCLA Bisiorek, Cieśliński i Partnerzy Law Firm

BCLA Law Firm, known for its services to domestic betting operators, is ranked third in the ranking. Although its focus is mainly on the domestic market, its specialists have extensive experience and a unique approach to legal issues related to gambling. Their work focuses on understanding the specifics of the regulations of the Ministry of Finance, which is extremely important in this industry.

Moreover, BCLA specializes in preparing legal solutions for the gaming industry, covering not only gambling but also other forms of video entertainment. It offers support in a number of key areas, including:

  • Assistance in the selection of technical solution providers for the gambling industry, both in terms of software and hardware. In addition, dealing with negotiating contracts with software and hardware suppliers.
  • This law firm is involved in the process of implementing gambling products on the Polish market, which already operate on foreign markets, adapting them to local legal regulations. In this context, it takes into account special types of bets and new rules for keeping player accounts and settlements with players.
  • The law firm offers support in the preparation of an appropriate corporate structure for companies applying for gambling permits. In addition, it thoroughly checks the compliance with the requirements set out in the Gambling Act, both by shareholders and members of management bodies, and advises on the preparation of documentation necessary to verify the sources of capital in the company.
  • The law firm offers support in obtaining permits for gambling activities, in particular those related to the arrangement of parimutuel bets, both in a stationary and online form.
  • It prepares comprehensive documentation required to obtain the permit, including game regulations and responsible game regulations. In addition, it checks the compliance of the technical website with applicable law and market regulator guidelines and prepares guidelines for documentation providers.
  • The law firm supports current matters before customs and tax offices, including reporting changes in verification acts, conducting official controls and other activities related to customs and tax procedures.
  • It provides support in the ongoing handling of proceedings before the Ministry of Finance and helps in obtaining guidelines and interpretations in the field of gambling law. In addition, the law firm represents clients in disputes with tax or customs and tax authorities regarding gambling.

This law firm is a reliable and competent partner in the field of gambling law, offering comprehensive support tailored to the individual needs and business goals of clients in the dynamic and regulated environment of the gambling industry. The law firm has worked or continues to collaborate with such bookmakers as E-toto, forBET or BETFAN.

2. Bird & Bird Law Firm

Bird & Bird is the only corporate law firm on our list. This law firm specializes in advising the gambling sector, both in Poland and abroad.

Piotr Dynowski, a partner of the law firm, actively participates in industry events on the international arena, especially in the CEE zone. Above all, however, he helps clients develop comprehensive strategies to protect their intellectual property and business secrets.

Dynowski represents Bird & Bird in intellectual property disputes at all levels, in particular in patent disputes. He also supports complex technological transactions.

Moreover, he also advises on regulatory issues, especially in the media, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and gambling sectors. He also helps with issues related to cybersecurity, e-identification and trust services, and the use of generative AI, especially in the creative industries, which include gambling.

Piotr Dynowski is recommended as a leading intellectual property and TMT lawyer by Intellectual Asset Management Patent 1000, as well as the Legal 500, Chambers Global, Chambers Europe, World Trademark Review 1000, and Managing IP rankings. He is a member of the board of AIPPI Poland and the New Technologies Law Association as well as the chairman of the regulatory team in Marques.

To sum up, Bird & Bird is a law firm that offers support in the field of gambling law and helps clients in the development of their businesses.

1. Gaming in Poland/RM Legal

The first place in our ranking is Gaming in Poland, led by Marek Plota. It is an entity that stands out not only with its legal knowledge, but also with its unique know-how in the field of gambling. Their ability to find themselves in the international arena and to understand business aspects beyond the legal service itself makes them an equal partner in every conversation.

Gaming in Poland is the only entity in the ranking that does not rank as a typical law firm, but as a company offering professional legal services combined with expertise in IT, marketing, administration, and taxes.

The range of services offered by Gaming in Poland includes, in particular, consultancy in the field of:

  • Regulatory requirements for gambling licenses.
  • Preparation of license applications and comprehensive handling of proceedings.
  • Representation in proceedings before public administration bodies (including in licensing proceedings) and in court proceedings.
  • New regulations in online gambling.
  • Regulations concerning advertising, promotion and sponsorship conducted by gambling operators.
  • Protection of personal data.
  • Online payments.
  • Evaluation of the legality of all games forms, including casino games, lotteries, sports betting, and horse racing.

Gaming in Poland stands out as the only entity in Poland that offers a unique service consisting in acting as a representative in Poland.

Such a set of services is particularly helpful to foreign entities that are not fully aware of the nuances of the Polish gambling market. Most law firms on the market are not able to provide services of this kind, so Gaming in Poland effectively fills this niche.

To sum up, Marek Plota, founder and owner of RM Legal and Gaming in Poland, together with his team, created a comprehensive product. His many years of experience, numerous nominations in prestigious legal competitions and the rank of clients with whom he works emphasize the professionalism and reputation of the organization.




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