Date: 01.12.2023

by Antoni Majewski

REEVO and GameArt: A Strategic Partnership to Enhance iGaming Experience

REEVO, a renowned B2B content and aggregation platform, has announced a significant partnership with GameArt, a leading developer of slot games.

This collaboration is set to integrate GameArt’s top-tier slot games into REEVO’s advanced platform, marking a pivotal moment for both entities in the iGaming industry.

Integration of GameArt’s Slot Games

GameArt’s innovative and captivating slot games will be a new addition to REEVO’s already extensive portfolio. This integration promises to diversify and elevate the gaming selection available to players, further enhancing the iGaming experience.

REEVO’s Diverse Game Collection

REEVO boasts a diverse collection of over 8,000 games, which includes slots, table games, crash games, and live gaming experiences. They draw from a rich pool of esteemed third-party suppliers, offering a wide array of choices for players. With ambitious plans for 2024, REEVO aims to onboard more than 60 new game providers, significantly expanding its offerings.

Official Statements

Petra Maria Poola, Head of Sales at REEVO, expressed excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with GameArt, a company known for its premium slot games and commitment to innovation. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our partners with a diverse and engaging gaming portfolio.”

Almir Kudic, Head of R&D and Strategic Operations at GameArt, also shared his enthusiasm: “We are excited to partner with REEVO, a leading B2B games provider and aggregation platform. This collaboration allows us to offer our high-quality online slot games to REEVO, empowering their customers to provide top-tier gaming experiences to players worldwide. We look forward to working together!”

Our Comment on the Article

The strategic alliance between REEVO and GameArt exemplifies the dynamic nature of the iGaming industry, where innovation and collaboration are key to success. This partnership not only benefits both companies but also enriches the player experience with a broader range of quality games.

It’s a testament to how collaborations can drive the industry forward, offering players enhanced and diverse gaming experiences. As the iGaming landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this will likely set new standards for quality and variety in the online gaming world.

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