by Mateusz Mazur

RubyPlay Unveils Immortal Ways LottoStar: A Bespoke Gaming Venture in South Africa

RubyPlay, a forward-thinking B2B iGaming development studio, has achieved a new milestone by introducing a bespoke game titled Immortal Ways LottoStar for its operator partner LottoStar.

This marks RubyPlay’s first custom-tailored game in the burgeoning South African market.

A Customized Gaming Experience with Immortal Ways LottoStar

Immortal Ways LottoStar stands out with its unique operator branding, distinguishing it from other games in the series and enhancing its appeal to LottoStar’s existing customer base. The game maintains the series’ tradition of offering 10,000 ways to win, with two Immortal Arrays and exciting bonus features.

Players are presented with a thrilling gaming experience, including two bonus wheels adjacent to the game grid. These wheels offer chances for extra cash prizes, multipliers, and one of four jackpot prizes, elevating the gameplay excitement.

RubyPlay’s Expansion in South Africa

This release follows RubyPlay’s successful foray into the South African market with LottoStar in June 2023, where an impressive 53 games were launched since the partnership began. Immortal Ways LottoStar exemplifies RubyPlay’s commitment to growth in regulated markets, with South Africa being a primary focus and further expansion into Romania, Spain, and other regions anticipated.

Dr. Eyal Loz, Chief Product Officer at RubyPlay, expressed enthusiasm about the game: “We’ve seen outstanding success in South Africa with LottoStar, so we’re thrilled to be recognising that with Immortal Ways LottoStar, exclusively for the operator. Our Immortal Ways series has been embraced globally, and we’re excited to continue this momentum.”

Our Comment on the Article

RubyPlay’s launch of Immortal Ways LottoStar in collaboration with LottoStar is a strategic move that underscores the importance of tailored gaming experiences in the iGaming industry. This bespoke game not only strengthens RubyPlay’s presence in the South African market but also demonstrates the potential of customized games to resonate with specific operator needs and player preferences.

As the iGaming sector evolves, such innovative approaches to game development and market expansion play a crucial role in maintaining player engagement and driving growth in regulated markets. RubyPlay’s focused strategy and its emphasis on adapting to different regional markets set a precedent for future developments in the iGaming industry.

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