by Kajetan Sawicz

Rush Gaming Limited’s Licence Revocation: A Regulatory Action by Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has announced the cancellation of the authorization initially granted to Rush Gaming Limited, identified by reference number MGA/B2C/701/2019, effective from March 11, 2024.

This decision underscores the MGA’s commitment to enforcing stringent compliance within the gaming industry, ensuring that all entities operate within the legal and regulatory frameworks established to safeguard both the industry’s integrity and the interests of players.

Regulatory Compliance: The Cornerstone of Trust

In line with regulations 9 (1) (c) and 10 (1) (a) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06) (“the Regulations”), this action reflects the MGA’s proactive approach to monitoring and enforcing compliance. The Regulations serve as a critical tool in the MGA’s arsenal to maintain the highest standards of operation among licensees, thereby ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment for all participants.

Following the MGA’s decision, Rush Gaming Limited, the Authorized Person, is obliged to adhere to several directives within seven days from the effective date of the cancellation. These directives include the obligation to inform all players about the cancellation through electronic mail, settle any outstanding dues to the Authority, and promptly remove all references to the MGA and the authorization from their platforms, in alignment with article 51 of the Gaming Act (Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta) (“the Act”).

This decisive action by the MGA serves as a reminder of the critical importance of compliance in the gaming industry. It underscores the Authority’s unwavering commitment to protecting player rights, ensuring transparency, and upholding the industry’s reputation. By enforcing such measures, the MGA aims to prevent any potential harm to players and maintain the integrity of the gaming ecosystem.

Our Comment on the Matter

The cancellation of Rush Gaming Limited’s authorization is a significant development within the iGaming industry, reflecting the MGA’s stringent regulatory standards. This move underscores the Authority’s dedication to ensuring a fair, transparent, and secure gaming environment, where compliance is not merely encouraged but mandated. It serves as a cautionary tale to other operators about the imperative of adherence to regulatory requirements and the potential consequences of non-compliance. As the industry continues to evolve, the role of regulatory bodies like the MGA in maintaining the balance between innovation and regulation becomes increasingly vital, ensuring that the iGaming landscape remains both dynamic and dependable.

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