Date: 30.08.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 30.08.2023 10:05

Salsa Technology Bolsters Salsa Gator with Copacabana Games Content

Salsa Technology Bolsters Salsa Gator with Copacabana Games Content iGamingExpress

Salsa Technology, a leading iGaming content provider, has unveiled an exciting collaboration with Brazilian company Copacabana Games, adding a vibrant selection of content to its Salsa Gator aggregator.

This strategic partnership brings a burst of Brazilian energy to the iGaming landscape, catering to the growing demand for tropicalized games that offer an exceptional entertainment experience.

A 100% Brazilian Live Casino Studio

Copacabana Games stands as a remarkable Brazilian live casino studio, catering to the rising demand for localized gaming experiences. The studio focuses on creating games that encapsulate the spirit of Brazil and provide an outstanding level of entertainment. Brazilian Portuguese speakers host the live games, enhancing engagement and loyalty among partner casinos and players alike.

In its initial integration, Copacabana Games will introduce two types of live games: Roulette and Bingo. The allure of these games lies not only in their gameplay but also in the unique hosting experience provided by Brazilian Portuguese speakers. This distinctive touch adds a layer of authenticity and engagement that resonates with players.

The Brazilian Roulette is immediately available to all partners of Salsa Gator. For an exclusive period in September, Live Bingo will have its avant-premiere on Betmotion before becoming accessible to other operators from October 1st. This phased rollout showcases the anticipation and excitement surrounding Copacabana Games’ offerings.

Enhancing Localized Offerings

Salsa Gator has garnered acclaim for its extensive collection of casino games from top providers, tailored to the Latin American market. The addition of Copacabana Games’ content further enriches the platform’s offerings, aligning perfectly with the mantra of localisation and authentic player experiences.

Eliane Nunes, Salsa Technology’s Head of Marketing & Sales, expressed confidence in the collaboration, stating “The famous sidewalk of Copacabana Beach is one of the great symbols of Brazil and the team at Copacabana Games has ensured that its live casino portfolio is bursting with Brazilian energy. We are sure that this inherent Brazilianness will make these games an instant success among our customers.”

Andre Schuartz, CEO of Copacabana Games, echoed the sentiment, stating “Copacabana Games is an ambitious project that places the tropicalisation of casino games at the foundation of its business. And as we know that localisation is also a mantra for Salsa Technology, we are very excited to be working side by side in this partnership.”

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As Salsa Gator’s portfolio evolves with the inclusion of Copacabana Games’ content, players can anticipate a fusion of Brazilian vibrancy and iGaming excellence. This partnership sets the stage for a thrilling chapter in the iGaming landscape, redefining entertainment and engagement for players across the region.