Date: 02.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

SCCG Management Partners with GroundLevel Insights

SCCG Management, a leading advisory and consultancy firm in the gambling industry, is excited to announce its partnership with GroundLevel Insights, a cutting-edge analytics company. This collaboration is set to introduce advanced consumer analytics to the sports, betting, and gambling sectors, leveraging GroundLevel Insights’ proprietary artificial intelligence platform to track and analyze consumer movements.

Innovative Analytics Solutions

GroundLevel Insights, established in 2019, specializes in aggregating anonymous, privacy-compliant location data to provide insights into customer behaviors and competitive landscapes. Their technology, which monitors over 250 million devices monthly, utilizes data from mobile apps, CCTV cameras, sensors, and maps, offering a comprehensive view of consumer movements.

Asif R. Khan, Founder & CEO of GroundLevel Insights, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with SCCG to bring our visitor analytics and insights to new clients in the sports, betting, and gambling sectors. Their expertise in the area is unparalleled, and I know that together we can make great strides in enabling these brands to measure sponsorship ROI.”

Leveraging Industry Expertise

SCCG Management, with its extensive experience and portfolio of over 100 client partners across the gambling industry, will utilize its deep connections and expertise to introduce GroundLevel Insights’ advanced analytics solutions to a wider market.

Stephen Crystal, Founder & CEO of SCCG Management, expressed his views on the collaboration, saying, “Aligning with Ground Level Insights is a natural step for SCCG. Their innovative approach to consumer analytics is a game-changer for our clients and network. By integrating their advanced AI-driven insights, we can offer our clients unparalleled data-driven strategies to optimize their operations and maximize their return on investment. This partnership is not just about enhancing business performance; it’s about shaping the future of the gambling industry.”

Transforming the Industry Landscape

This strategic alliance between SCCG Management and GroundLevel Insights is poised to transform the way businesses in the sports, betting, and gambling sectors understand and engage with their customers. By combining SCCG’s industry expertise with GroundLevel Insights’ innovative technology, this partnership promises to deliver exceptional value to clients and redefine consumer analytics in the industry.

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