Date: 26.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:44

SIS Showcases Support for Latin American Racing with Clásico El Ensayo Sponsorship

SIS (Sports Information Services), the premier provider of 24/7 live betting services, has announced its sponsorship of a stakes race during the esteemed Clásico El Ensayo day.

Scheduled for October 27th at Club Hípico in Santiago, Chile, the race will be aptly named Clásico SIS. This new sponsorship aligns with SIS’s track record of bolstering its presence in Latin America, emphasizing its dedication to fortifying the racing sector in the region.

Clásico El Ensayo: A Historic Latin American Race

Initiated in 1873, the Group 1 El Ensayo stands as Latin America’s most time-honored classic race. It marks the initial phase of the Chilean Triple Crown and is conducted on turf spanning 2400 meters.

Club Hípico has an established worldwide distribution pact with SIS, allowing the dissemination of its races to bookmakers worldwide. Operating every Friday, alternating Mondays, and selected Sundays throughout the year, the track is acclaimed for its packed fields and races. Often referred to as the ‘Palace of Chilean horse racing,’ Club Hípico’s remarkable architecture is a testament to its stature in the horse racing world.

SIS’s Comprehensive Racing Content

SIS’s offerings are holistic, with all international racing content rendered as a full-fledged solution. This includes continuous betting events featuring live streaming, data, on-screen graphics accentuated with betting triggers, and a wide array of markets and pricing. Annually, SIS broadcasts over 35,000 live horse racing events, spotlighting top-tier races from countries like Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Michele Fischer, the Vice President at SIS Content Services, expressed her excitement, stating, “The El Ensayo day showcases the best Chilean horses in an elegant setting at Club Hípico. It is an honor for SIS to contribute to this wonderful racing celebration. We are deeply committed to horse racing in Chile and Latin America, and this recent sponsorship exemplifies our allegiance to the region.”

Meanwhile, Cristian Muñoz, Commercial Manager at Club Hípico, acknowledged, “The El Ensayo is the pinnacle race hosted at Club Hípico, and we are thrilled to collaborate with SIS to enhance the experience for all our stakeholders.”

Our Comment on the Article

SIS’s latest sponsorship is a significant indication of its deepening commitment to Latin America’s horse racing arena. By supporting such a prestigious event, the organization not only solidifies its presence in the region but also endorses the rich racing heritage of countries like Chile.

With companies like SIS actively participating, the future of horse racing in Latin America looks both promising and vibrant. The comments from both Michele Fischer and Cristian Muñoz further highlight the mutual respect and potential benefits of this collaboration for the global horse racing community.