Date: 08.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:42

Sky Bet and EFL’s ‘Building Foundations’ Fund: A £6M Game-Changer for Community Projects

Sky Bet and the English Football League (EFL) are set to score a significant goal for community development with the launch of the ‘Building Foundations’ Fund.

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This fund earmarks a substantial £6 million to support vital community projects, marking a new chapter in the collaborative efforts of Sky Bet and the EFL.

Cultivating Community Ties through Football

The ‘Building Foundations’ Fund is more than just a financial pledge—it’s an opportunity for the 72 EFL clubs to secure up to £100,000 in grants for enhancing and initiating community programs. A panel led by industry experts, including the esteemed Sky Bet ambassador Jeff Stelling, will oversee the allocation of funds to a variety of impactful categories.

In the words of Dan Colton, Managing Director at Sky Bet, “We’re incredibly proud of our long-standing partnership with the EFL – it’s a relationship that has gone from strength to the strength over the past decade and we wanted to raise the bar further still with the ‘Building Foundations’ Fund.”

Paving the Way for Community Growth

The initial £10,000 grant awarded to Club Community Organisations (CCOs) signifies just the beginning of what is hoped to be a transformative journey for EFL clubs and their communities.

Emphasizing the significance of this initiative, EFL chair Rick Parry stated, “Unrestricted funding for community activity on this scale is hard to find and presents an exciting opportunity for EFL clubs to further enhance the impact in the areas they are located.”

Our Comment on the Article

The establishment of the ‘Building Foundations’ Fund by Sky Bet and the EFL is a commendable move that underlines the profound connection between sports and community welfare.

The fund promises not only to provide financial support but also to cultivate a sense of unity and purpose across England and Wales, reinforcing the role of sports as a catalyst for positive change.

With the expertise of figures like Jeff Stelling guiding the fund’s direction, the potential for a lasting legacy is immense, offering a model for how sports organizations can meaningfully engage with and uplift their communities.