Date: 09.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:41

Slotegrator Establishes a New Alliance with F*Bastards

Slotegrator is enhancing its partnership network with a new collaboration.

The integration of the APIgrator solution is poised to skyrocket operator profits through this partnership. F*Bastards, known for their inventive slot games drawing from popular themes, steps into the limelight as Slotegrator’s latest partner.

Innovative Gaming by F*Bastards

At the forefront of innovation, F*Bastards is reshaping the iGaming world with their fresh perspectives and advanced solutions. Committed to excellence, they aim to invigorate the classic slot experience with creativity and modern technology.

Their commitment to uniqueness targets a demographic hungry for unprecedented designs, narratives, and gameplay mechanics. Standing out in the industry, F*Bastards crafts each game from the ground up, steering clear of the all-too-common practice of reusing assets.

A Portfolio That Promises Fairness and Excitement

With a suite of 30 distinctive titles, F*Bastards ensures fairness through a verified, cryptographically secure random number generator (RNG).

Their success in Cyprus is testament to their engaging mathematical models, and now they’re set to capture the global market. Their games are designed for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a fluid experience on both desktop and mobile platforms, thanks to the latest HTML5 technology.

Customised Operator Support and Promotions

F*Bastards isn’t just about the player experience; they also deliver a comprehensive back-office support system. This system enables real-time financial tracking and player game history, offering valuable insights for operators.

The company’s flexible infrastructure allows for swift creation and testing of new game integrations. Moreover, their array of bonuses and promotional tools like free rounds and spins adds to the allure of their gaming offerings.

Our Comment on the Article

Slotegrator’s strategic move to partner with F*Bastards represents a significant shift towards innovation in iGaming. By choosing a partner that values originality and quality, Slotegrator is not just expanding its network — it’s pushing the envelope of what’s possible in online slots.

F*Bastards’ dedication to crafting unique gaming experiences is refreshing and necessary in a market that often settles for the status quo. With this partnership, the future of iGaming looks both exciting and promising.


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