by Mateusz Mazur

Soft2Bet Secures B2B License in Greece

Soft2Bet, a prominent iGaming provider, has achieved another milestone in its expansion strategy by obtaining a B2B (A1) License in Greece. This recent accomplishment closely follows the company’s acquisition of the Greek B2C License, further solidifying its commitment to offering top-notch gaming experiences in regulated markets across Europe.

Soft2Bet goes live in Greece

With the A1 License, Soft2Bet gains the authorization to provide gaming platform services, betting platform services, and games to licensed B2C operators within Greece’s digital gaming ecosystem. This achievement underscores Soft2Bet’s adherence to international regulatory standards and its capability to operate within legal boundaries.

The 7-year license exemplifies Soft2Bet’s dedication to establishing a long-term presence in the Greek market and signifies the company’s determination to deliver high-quality services to the local audience. As a result, Soft2Bet can now offer supplier services to operators in the Greek market, fostering new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

A significant milestone for Soft2Bet

David Yatom, Soft2Bet’s General Counsel, emphasized the collaborative nature of obtaining the license: “Obtaining this license was a collaborative endeavour. Our interaction with the HGC exemplifies the best of partnerships. This license is another testament to Soft2Bet’s commitment to expand to further markets and ensure our continued growth. It represents a significant milestone in a series of remarkable achievements Soft2Bet has accomplished in recent months.”

Looking ahead, Soft2Bet remains committed to enhancing its technological offerings and expanding its B2B engagements. The company aims not only to be a leading platform provider but also to foster mutually beneficial collaborations with partners in the industry.

As Soft2Bet continues on its journey, it remains dedicated to providing the best possible experience for its partners and end-users. Industry professionals seeking dynamic and reliable partnerships built on excellence and shared success are invited to explore the opportunities presented by Soft2Bet’s innovative approach to the iGaming market.

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