by Kajetan Sawicz

Soft2Bet Secures Ontario Certification, Paving the Way for Tooniebet.com Launch

Soft2Bet, a prominent player in the provision of online betting and gaming solutions to regulated operators, proudly announced its successful acquisition of a Certificate of Registration in Ontario. This milestone marks a pivotal step towards the launch of its eagerly anticipated Tooniebet.com iGaming brand in Canada’s most populous province.

Ontario’s Booming iGaming Landscape

The certification by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) positions Soft2Bet advantageously within one of the world’s most significant regulated markets.

Ontario’s iGaming and online sports betting sectors have witnessed remarkable growth, with the latest reports from the fourth quarter of 2023 highlighting a 21% increase in wagers, reaching CA$17.2 billion, and a 22% surge in gross gaming revenues to CA$658 million.

This record-breaking revenue underscores the province’s leading role in North America’s regulated betting landscape, with online casinos driving much of this impressive growth.

Leadership Insights on Ontario Certification

Elisabeth Isaksson, Soft2Bet’s Head of Regulatory Compliance, expressed her enthusiasm: “Being registered with the AGCO in Ontario is testament to the work our compliance and regulatory teams are doing daily to enable our continued expansion in the world’s largest regulated markets. We’re immensely excited about taking our first steps in North America and look forward to licensing and launching in more jurisdictions in the region.”

Martin Collins, Chief Business Development Officer, also shared his perspective: “This Ontario certification is another significant and important step in our corporate expansion plans. It fits perfectly with our stated aim of growing our regulatory footprint and we very much look forward to continuing forward on this path.”

Soft2Bet is not resting on its laurels with the Ontario certification. The company is actively pursuing a license in New Jersey, demonstrating its commitment to broadening its presence in the Americas. This initiative follows the group’s successful acquisition of B2C licenses in Italy, Greece, and Romania in 2023, further solidifying its position as a global leader in the iGaming industry.

Our Commentary on Soft2Bet’s Strategic Moves

Soft2Bet’s acquisition of the Ontario Certificate of Registration is more than just a regulatory milestone; it is a strategic leap into one of the most vibrant iGaming markets in North America. This development not only showcases the company’s dedication to compliance and regulatory excellence but also signifies its strong ambitions in the global iGaming arena. With its eyes set on further expansion in the Americas, Soft2Bet is clearly positioning itself as a formidable force in the world of online betting and gaming. The anticipated launch of Tooniebet.com in Ontario is set to be a game-changer, potentially setting new benchmarks in user engagement and innovative gaming experiences.

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