Date: 09.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Soft2Bet Set to Impress at ICE London 2024 with Game-Changing MEGA Technology

As ICE London 2024 approaches, Soft2Bet is gearing up to welcome partners and industry peers to its newly designed stand. The spotlight is on showcasing their revolutionary Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), a gamification technology set to redefine player engagement and revenue generation in the iGaming sector.

Introducing MEGA at Soft2Bet’s Exclusive Workshops

Soft2Bet’s schedule is packed with demonstrations of MEGA, its industry-leading gamification technology. These workshops, talks, and discussions will explore how MEGA’s personalized and localized features significantly boost player engagement and revenue streams.

Soft2Bet’s MEGA is a cutting-edge gamification platform, developed since its inception in 2016. It’s designed to enhance product offerings with engaging gamified experiences, driving higher engagement, volume, and revenue for Soft2Bet and its partners.

Insights from Soft2Bet’s Experts

Olga Melnyk, Soft2Bet’s Product Manager, will be leading the workshops at Stand S6-210, focusing on three innovative products: City Builder, Stadiums, and Bonus Crab. She will also highlight the benefits of Soft2Bet’s intuitive PAM back office solution. Olga Melnyk said, “highlighting three exciting products: City Builder, Stadiums, and Bonus Crab” and “Soft2Bet’s powerful and user-friendly PAM back office, a proprietary solution developed by our in-house team”.

Yoel Zuckerberg, the Chief Product Officer, will educate attendees about the advantages of MEGA, emphasizing its role in driving engagement and revenue. Meanwhile, Chief Business Development Officer Martin Collins will conduct workshops on how Soft2Bet’s B2B products and services catalyze growth and commercial success.

The Commercial Success of MEGA

Yoel Zuckerberg comments on the significant impact of MEGA on the brand’s performance in competitive markets like Sweden and Denmark. He said, “At Soft2Bet we take gamification seriously – and the commercial growth it generates is proof that this focus is the right one for us. It has had hugely beneficial impacts on our brands in highly competitive markets such as Sweden and Denmark and through the workshops I will show how our MEGA features can be harnessed and optimised to benefit our existing and future partners.”

Martin Collins adds his perspective on the opportunity to showcase how Soft2Bet’s B2B solutions foster business growth, emphasizing on enhancing player engagement, loyalty, and revenue. He added, “Being able to show delegates how Soft2Bet’s B2B solutions help businesses grow is a fantastic opportunity. Not only for meeting these contacts in person but for us to educate them in how our products work and develop their player engagement and loyalty levels and, of course, their revenues.”

Soft2Bet’s Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions

Beyond gamification, Soft2Bet also excels in offering a complete package including platform and sportsbook solutions, complemented by robust CRM, payment, and security services. Martin Collins will reveal how MEGA integrates with these turnkey solutions, driving high conversion and loyalty through unique customer experiences.

The Soft2Bet stand, with its double-decker design, will be the hub for industry interactions, demonstrations, and networking. It will feature touch-screen demo units for product showcases and distribute exclusive Soft2Bet merchandise to delegates.

Soft2Bet’s General Counsel, David Yatom Hay, will speak at the ICE VOX World Regulatory Briefing. His session will delve into the balance between commercial growth and ethical responsibility in the gambling industry, highlighting Soft2Bet’s commitment to responsible gaming and regulatory compliance.

Conclusion: Our Comment on the Article

Soft2Bet’s participation in ICE London 2024, marked by the unveiling of MEGA, signifies a significant leap in gamification technology within the iGaming industry. Their approach, combining innovative gamification with comprehensive turnkey solutions, positions them as a forward-thinking leader in the sector.

This event not only serves as a platform for showcasing technological advancements but also underscores the importance of ethical practices and sustainable growth strategies in the ever-evolving world of iGaming. Soft2Bet’s presence at ICE London 2024 is poised to leave a lasting impression, demonstrating their commitment to driving the industry forward with both innovation and integrity.