Date: 05.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

SOFTSWISS Casino Platform Elevates Online Gaming with AI and Enhanced Bonus API

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform introduces groundbreaking AI integration in Event Streaming and significant updates to its Bonus API, setting a new benchmark for online casino management and player engagement.

Softswiss Casino Platform

Advancing Real-Time Monitoring with AI

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, widely recognized for its innovative software solutions in the online casino sector, has taken a significant leap forward by incorporating AI into its Event Streaming feature. Used regularly by 80% of its users, Event Streaming offers real-time insights into player actions and ongoing casino statistics.

The latest update broadens this scope to include a wider array of events, such as casino tournaments and player transactions, enhancing the platform’s monitoring capabilities.

Predictive Analytics for Strategic Decisions

With the integration of Event Streaming AI, the platform now employs machine learning to provide predictive analytics. This new functionality forecasts essential metrics like Lifetime Value (LTV) and churn rates while also identifying inferior affiliate traffic.

These predictive insights allow operators to more accurately segment target audiences, pinpoint VIP players, and intervene with at-risk players, ultimately optimizing player retention and advertising spend.

Bonus API Innovations

The Bonus API, a critical component of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, has also received significant updates. A new ‘total duration’ feature combines activation and wagering periods for bonuses, streamlining the bonus management process. Additionally, the API now supports direct activation of free spins, addressing a previous gap where spins were issued but not activated.

Ivan Borschyov, Head of Business Operations at SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, expressed enthusiasm for the updates, stating, “We are excited to unveil the latest updates to the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, featuring the integration of machine learning into Event Streaming and simplified bonus management. These enhancements empower operators with more efficient, data-driven tools for player engagement and business optimisation.

Borschyov is confident that these innovations will redefine online gaming management and reinforce SOFTSWISS’ position as an industry leader.

Industry Recognition and Future Prospects

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform’s commitment to excellence was further validated last year when it achieved GLI-19 certification, facilitating easier market entry for operators. Looking ahead, the SOFTSWISS team is set to showcase its latest developments and engage with the iGaming community at ICE London 2024, where they will be stationed at Stand N8-231.

With these latest updates, the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform not only enhances its own suite of offerings but also raises the bar for the entire online gaming industry. By leveraging AI and machine learning, coupled with refined bonus management tools, SOFTSWISS is poised to deliver unparalleled efficiency and player engagement, driving the future of online casino operations.