by Mateusz Mazur

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Enhances Portfolio with Ready Play Integration

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, a leader in the iGaming aggregation platform market, announces a significant expansion through a partnership with Ready Play, a renowned game provider.

This collaboration is set to diversify and enrich the aggregator’s content portfolio, reinforcing its global standing in the iGaming industry.

Expanding Gaming Horizons

The integration with Ready Play, a company boasting a 20-year legacy and Alderney Gaming Control Commission certification, opens new doors for SOFTSWISS client brands. This joint venture between two industry powerhouses aims to deliver comprehensive service and craft an unmatched gaming adventure for players.

Ready Play’s portfolio includes unique gamified slots like ‘Reel Bingo’ and ‘Snakes & Ladders’, which add an extra layer of fun and engagement. These games are designed based on extensive statistical data and analysis, aligning with SOFTSWISS’s commitment to research-driven user experience enhancement.

Involving Players in Game Development

Ready Play’s approach to content creation involves real player participation in game testing. This strategy ensures the development of distinct gaming experiences, enabling the provider to fine-tune its products based on direct feedback. Such an approach resonates with SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator’s philosophy of tailoring its offerings based on extensive client research.

Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, comments on the collaboration: “Partnering with providers like Ready Play maintains our leading position in iGaming. We anticipate a positive reception for their unique gaming experiences across our network.”

Grant Benson, Commercial Officer of Ready Play, adds: “We are thrilled to extend our high-quality games to a broader audience through SOFTSWISS. This partnership not only showcases our brand’s potential but also opens new business opportunities.”

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and Ready Play marks a pivotal moment in the iGaming industry. By merging SOFTSWISS’s robust aggregation capabilities with Ready Play’s innovative gaming content, this collaboration sets a new benchmark in iGaming experiences.

It reflects the industry’s dynamic nature and the importance of strategic partnerships in fostering growth and innovation. As SOFTSWISS continues to expand its influence and offerings, the iGaming sector stands to benefit from a richer, more diverse, and player-centric gaming landscape.

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