Date: 26.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

SOFTSWISS Unveils Enhanced Tournament Service for Casino Platform

SOFTSWISS Casino Platform takes a significant leap forward with the introduction of its enhanced Tournament Service, an evolution of its previous Tournaments feature.

This upgrade not only amplifies the flexibility and reliability of its offerings but also places a strong emphasis on heightening player engagement within the iGaming experience.

Impact on Player Metrics

The Tournament Service is specifically designed to draw players deeper into the gaming journey, a move substantiated by internal research showcasing a notable uplift in key performance indicators. The findings reveal a 10–20% surge in Deposit Count and a remarkable doubling in the Deposit Sum, highlighting the tangible benefits of integrating such dynamic features.

A standout aspect of the Tournament Service is its real-time leaderboard, a tool that allows operators to monitor player engagement and make strategic adjustments on the fly. The imminent rollout of Network Tournaments promises to further revolutionize the landscape. This feature will enable operators to initiate contests across multiple projects, fostering enhanced metrics and cost efficiencies for participating brands.

Technical Innovations and Operator Adaptability

The Tournament Service is a testament to technical ingenuity, offering a suite of innovations tailored to meet the unique demands of operators.

Ivan Barshchou, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, shares his enthusiasm about the continual growth and refinement of their core product. “I am delighted to announce that our core product continues to improve and develop. The evolution of features into full-fledged services shows the team’s strong commitment to creating valuable and practical solutions.

The Tournament Service is set to extend operators opportunities in player engagement, one of the toughest challenges for the industry nowadays. We monitor iGaming trends and offer our partners the most effective solutions for their business growth.”

With player engagement standing as one of the industry’s most formidable challenges, SOFTSWISS’s Tournament Service positions itself as a pivotal solution for operators aiming to captivate and retain their audience. The service’s alignment with iGaming trends and the provision of effective business growth strategies underscore SOFTSWISS’s commitment to its partners’ success.

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform’s recent attainment of GLI-19 certification marks another milestone, streamlining the process for operators keen on exploring new markets with the SOFTSWISS Turnkey Solution.

Our Comment on the Article

The introduction of SOFTSWISS’s enhanced Tournament Service signifies a notable advancement in the iGaming sector, particularly in the realm of player engagement. This initiative not only demonstrates SOFTSWISS’s adeptness at innovating in response to industry needs but also reinforces its position as a key player in providing comprehensive solutions for the iGaming community. As the platform continues to evolve, its focus on fostering meaningful player interactions and operational efficiency is poised to set new benchmarks in the industry.