Date: 15.04.2024

by Adam Dworak

Spain’s Supreme Court Revises Advertising Regulations: Impact and Insights for the Gaming Industry

In a recent pivotal ruling, Spain’s Supreme Court has overturned several key components of the far-reaching advertising restrictions embedded in Royal Decree 958/2020.

Initiated by Jdigital, a prominent trade association, this legal challenge has sent ripples across the Spanish advertising and gaming sectors, reintroducing uncertainty into the market. This development will be a focal point at the upcoming Gaming in Spain Conference (GiS 2024), set for May 6, 2024, in Madrid.

New Chapter for Spanish Advertising

The Supreme Court’s decision, rooted in procedural inadequacies, marks a significant shift in the regulatory landscape that governs gaming and advertising in Spain. With this ruling, the previous restrictions are now under review, offering a temporary reprieve for advertisers and gaming operators who had previously navigated a stringent regulatory environment.

Key Topics at GiS 2024

The 2024 Gaming in Spain Conference promises to delve deeply into the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling. In addition to this, the conference will cover several crucial topics including:

  • Cross-Operator Deposit Limits: Expected to be implemented by 2025, these limits will require a collaborative approach across the industry to effectively manage player expenditures.
  • Central Problem Gambling Detection Algorithms: This initiative will see the development of sophisticated algorithms under the national regulator’s oversight, aimed at identifying and mitigating problem gambling behaviors.
  • Innovation in Gaming Products: Discussion will also focus on the scope for introducing new live game products within the existing and evolving regulatory framework.

Speakers and Panelists

The conference will feature a lineup of eminent speakers such as Santiago Asensi, a leading authority in Spanish gambling law; Jorge Hinojosa, Director General of Jdigital; José Giacomelli, General Manager of MGA Games; Javier Sacristan Franco, Digital & Operations Director at R. Franco; and Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), among others.

Breakout Sessions: Compliance Focus

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in several breakout sessions dedicated to compliance topics such as e-money, compliance management, smart training solutions, and KYC best practices. These sessions are designed to provide practical insights and advanced knowledge in managing regulatory requirements effectively.

Practical Information

GiS 2024 will convene at the iconic Castellana 81 within the BBVA tower, a notable piece of contemporary Spanish architecture in Madrid. This event is strategically scheduled a day before FIJMA24, Spain’s premier land-based gambling event, offering attendees a comprehensive view of the gambling industry in Spain.

Our Comment on the Article

The Supreme Court’s ruling not only disrupts the existing framework but also opens a dialogue about the future of advertising and gaming regulation in Spain. As the industry convenes at GiS 2024, the discussions and outcomes from this conference will likely set the tone for regulatory approaches and market strategies in the coming years.