by Mateusz Mazur

Spelinspektionen Engages Industry Associations in Combatting Illegal Gambling in Sweden

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority, invited key industry associations SPER and BOS for a discussion on collaborative efforts to reduce the appeal of illegal gambling in Sweden.

Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Illegal Gambling

Camilla Rosenberg, the Director-General of Spelinspektionen, emphasized the availability of new tools for the authority to curb illegal gambling in Sweden.

She acknowledged the potential for further improvements in this endeavor and welcomed the industry’s input in an ongoing dialogue, crucial for ensuring a healthy and safe Swedish gambling market with high consumer protection.

The meeting served as a platform for dialogue, reinforcing the common goal of strengthening the licensed gambling market and reducing unlicensed gambling activities. Spelinspektionen presented the current regulatory framework and an overview of the efforts and initiatives undertaken to combat illegal gambling.

Open discussions on various issues related to illegal gambling led to suggestions for improvements and more efficient practices.

Industry Leaders Acknowledge the Importance of Collaboration

Maria Wennerberg Sedigh, CEO of SPER, appreciated the discussions between the industry and Spelinspektionen on this crucial issue. She stressed that cooperation between relevant authorities and the industry is essential for the effective functioning of the licensing system.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary-General of BOS, echoed these sentiments, noting the shared interest of the gaming industry and Spelinspektionen in driving out unlicensed gambling from Sweden. He highlighted the importance of uniting their strengths and stated that such meetings contribute significantly towards achieving this goal.

Our Comment on the Article

The initiative by Spelinspektionen to engage with industry associations like SPER and BOS is a commendable step towards addressing the challenges of illegal gambling in Sweden.

By fostering open dialogue and collaboration, Spelinspektionen is not only leveraging the insights and expertise of industry leaders but also reinforcing a united front against unlicensed gambling activities.

This collaborative approach is vital in the ever-evolving landscape of gambling, where new challenges continuously emerge. The combined efforts of regulatory bodies and industry participants can lead to more innovative and effective strategies to ensure a safe and regulated gambling environment.

Such partnerships are key to maintaining the integrity of the gambling market and protecting consumers, showcasing a proactive and responsible approach to regulation and enforcement.

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