by Mateusz Mazur

Spelinspektionen Revises Guidelines on Drawings Outside of Gaming Systems

In April 2023, the Swedish Gambling Authority, Spelinspektionen, circulated a draft of regulations and general advice regarding drawings outside gaming systems, along with an accompanying impact assessment.

Following valuable feedback from several stakeholders, the proposal has undergone significant revisions. Spelinspektionen is now re-circulating this revised proposal for further consultation.

Enhanced Oversight Requirements

A notable change in the revised proposal is the continued requirement for the presence of an observer in addition to a drawing officer. This is considered a minimum requirement.

Spelinspektionen emphasizes the importance of having an individual dedicated to ensuring that the drawings are conducted according to the licensee’s procedures.

The aim here is to minimize the risk of manipulation in drawings or their outcomes. Having an observer does not preclude licensees from implementing additional measures to ensure high security in their games.

Potential for Independent Observers

In certain cases, it may be necessary for licensees to appoint an independent observer or demonstrate equivalent security measures through other means.

This aspect is illustrated in the general advice section of the proposal. Such measures are geared towards maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of gaming operations.

Linguistic Adjustments for Clarity

Apart from these substantive changes, the proposal has undergone only linguistic adjustments to enhance clarity and comprehension.

These revisions are intended to make the regulations more accessible and understandable to stakeholders in the gaming industry.

Our Comment on the Article

Spelinspektionen’s updated proposal is a clear reflection of its commitment to maintaining transparency and integrity in gaming practices. By mandating an observer in addition to the drawing officer, they are taking a proactive stance in preventing manipulation and ensuring fair play.

This revision, informed by industry feedback, demonstrates the regulator’s willingness to listen and adapt, ensuring that gaming remains a safe and trustworthy activity. The inclusion of potential independent observers also speaks to a deeper level of diligence and security, setting a higher standard for the industry. These changes are likely to reinforce public trust in regulated gaming activities and underscore the regulator’s role in safeguarding the industry’s integrity.

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