Date: 29.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Last update: 08.05.2024 12:06

Spike in Suspicious Betting Alerts Reported by IBIA in Early 2024

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has observed a significant rise in suspicious betting activities, according to its first-quarter report of 2024. With a total of 56 alerts issued, this marks a notable increase from previous periods, highlighting emerging challenges within the sports betting sector.

Alarming Rise in Suspicious Betting Activities

The first quarter of 2024 saw a 65% increase in alerts compared to the last quarter of 2023, with the number rising from 34 to 56.

The comparison to the same period in the previous year also shows a 12% increase, underscoring ongoing concerns around betting integrity.

Geographic and Sport-Specific Trends

The alerts spanned six sports across 21 countries and five continents, indicating the global nature of the issue. Football was the most affected sport with 24 alerts, a significant rise from previous quarters.

Geographically, Asia was the hotspot for these alerts, hosting 41% of the total incidents, with Turkey alone accounting for eight alerts across multiple sports.

Regulatory Challenges and Responses

Khalid Ali, CEO of the IBIA, commented on the report’s findings, emphasizing the complexity of tackling corruption in sports betting. “The first quarter saw an increase in reported alerts highlighting the ongoing challenge our members, sports, and regulatory authorities face from corrupt activity, with football and Asia dominating our Q1 report,” said Ali.

He further noted the unique position of IBIA, equipped with detailed global customer account data, which plays a crucial role in advancing investigations and supporting regulatory actions.

Focus on Canadian Sports Betting

The report also delves into the sports betting environment in Canada, particularly contrasting the regulatory frameworks in Ontario versus other provinces.

Ontario leads with a highly regulated approach, expecting an onshore channelization rate for sports betting to reach 92% in 2024. In contrast, the rest of Canada shows a significantly lower rate, projected at only 11% for the same year.

The IBIA remains a pivotal entity in the sports betting world, representing over 60% of private sports betting operators licensed in Ontario. With over 50 companies and 125 sports betting brands under its watch, the association stands as the largest integrity monitor of its type globally.

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