by Mateusz Mazur

Spinomenal Celebrates Decade of Success with €10M Spinoleague

Spinomenal, a leading iGaming content provider, is commemorating its 10-year milestone with the launch of the Spinoleague, a novel tournament concept boasting an impressive maximum prize pool of €10 million.

Spinomenal and ELITBET.bg Forge a New Path in Bulgarian iGaming

This celebratory event introduces an innovative structure to the competitive iGaming arena, designed to enhance player engagement and excitement.

Innovative Tournament Structure with Four Seasons

The Spinoleague is ingeniously segmented into four ‘seasons’, each comprising four distinct tournaments. This setup culminates in a grand total of 16 tournaments, each unfolding over multiple rounds, including a climactic “Super Round”. This format is designed to maintain high levels of excitement and competition throughout the league.

In a twist that adds to the competitive spirit, players will see their points doubled during Super Rounds, amplifying the excitement. Additionally, a unique feature allows 10% of the points earned in each round to be carried over as credit, boosting players’ scores in the ultimate Super Round and ensuring a dynamic and engaging tournament experience.

Opportunities for Amplified Winnings

The Spinoleague offers players multiple opportunities to ascend the Leaderboard, with rankings made clear upon reaching a qualifying total displayed within the tournament tool. With each round’s conclusion, the Leaderboard resets, offering fresh opportunities for players to climb the ranks. Notably, players can enhance their share of the prize pool by tenfold (10X) by achieving specific score targets set for each round.

Each round of the tournament, including the Super Round, features its own dedicated prize pool, contributing to an aggregate maximum prize pool of €10 million across the Spinoleague. Participation is exclusive to real-money play, with a set minimum qualifying bet per spin required to enter each tournament.

Lior Shvartz, CEO of Spinomenal, shared his enthusiasm for the Spinoleague, stating, “As we commemorate our 10th year, we wanted to celebrate in style, and what better way than with the Spinoleague. Players will love joining in the party where there is the chance for a spectacular €10m prize pool.”

Our Comment on the Spinoleague Initiative

Spinomenal’s introduction of the Spinoleague is a fitting tribute to its decade of innovation and success within the iGaming industry. By offering a unique tournament structure with substantial prize pools, Spinomenal not only celebrates its own milestone but also enhances the gaming experience for its community.

The Spinoleague exemplifies Spinomenal’s commitment to engaging content and player satisfaction, setting a new standard for iGaming tournaments and reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

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