Date: 14.12.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Sportradar and Tennis Data Innovations Forge Partnership for ATP Tour and Challenger Tour

Sportradar, the renowned sports technology company listed on NASDAQ, has recently announced a multi-year agreement with Tennis Data Innovations (TDI), a joint venture of ATP and ATP Media.

This partnership grants Sportradar global data and streaming rights for betting, as well as media data rights for all ATP Tour and ATP Challenger Tour events. The collaboration aims to drive commercial growth for tennis and boost fan engagement through the development of innovative betting and media products.

Revolutionizing Tennis Engagement with ATP Service+

Starting from December 2023, Sportradar’s ATP Service+, a suite of solutions specifically designed for tennis, will introduce new and dynamic engagement methods for tennis enthusiasts and bettors.

This suite includes a range of next-generation products and services, such as augmented streaming with 3D animations, expanded in-play betting markets, and personalized betting products. These innovations promise to transform the way fans and bettors interact with the sport, leveraging previously untapped deep data.

In addition to enhancing betting experiences, Sportradar and TDI are committed to creating advanced media products. These products will offer in-depth statistical analysis and insights, enriching the fan experience with informative and entertaining content. Furthermore, Sportradar’s OTT solution will be used to stream live match coverage of the ATP Challenger Tour on ATP’s Challenger TV.

Joint Tennis Innovation Lab: A Technological Leap Forward

The partnership will also see the creation of a joint Tennis Innovation Lab. This initiative will explore emerging opportunities in technology, supporting ATP’s vision of making tennis the most technologically advanced sport globally.

The lab’s focus will be on developing and integrating cutting-edge technologies to further enhance the tennis experience.

An essential aspect of this partnership is Sportradar’s commitment to providing Integrity Services for all ATP Tour and ATP Challenger Tour events. This move aims to protect the sport from betting-related match fixing and corruption, ensuring the integrity of competitions.

Executives’ Perspectives on the Partnership

David Lampitt, CEO of TDI, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “This is a landmark opportunity to realize our growth ambitions and elevate the fan experience. Through this collaboration, we aim to integrate advanced technologies for immersive fan experiences and tap into new global markets.”

Carsten Koerl, CEO of Sportradar, echoed these sentiments, highlighting Sportradar’s role in delivering against ATP’s growth plans. He noted, “Our collaborative efforts will lead to the creation of engaging products and services, utilizing technologies like computer vision and AI, as part of our ATP Service+ offering.”

Our Comment on the Article

This partnership between Sportradar and Tennis Data Innovations marks a significant step in the evolution of tennis engagement, promising a future where technology and sports converge to offer unprecedented experiences for fans and bettors alike.