Date: 16.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Sportradar Launches FanID: Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in Sports Marketing

Sportradar has unveiled Sportradar FanID, a groundbreaking marketing solution designed to reshape fan engagement in sports.

This end-to-end solution marries the sports industry’s first data clean room with Sportradar’s advanced marketing activation technology, addressing the imminent shift in digital marketing strategies due to the phase-out of third-party cookies in 2024.

A New Era in Fan Engagement

Sportradar, leveraging its global client network and data prowess, is well-equipped to offer this innovative solution. It enables brands and rightsholders to tap into deep, contextually rich sports fan insights for effective monetization.

The impending removal of third-party cookies has compelled marketers to seek new methods of data collection and utilization. Sportradar’s data clean room offers a solution for the sports industry, enabling collaboration on first-party datasets in a secure, privacy-compliant manner.

The Process of Sportradar FanID

The Sportradar FanID journey involves:

  1. Data Collection: Rightsholders and brands gather first-party data through interactive tools embedded in their digital channels.
  2. Data Connection: This data is then shared in a clean room, creating comprehensive, anonymized fan profiles.
  3. Data Activation: Utilizing marketing activation technology, personalized digital ads are crafted and served.
  4. Data Orchestration: Content delivery is optimized for timing and channel, with effectiveness metrics analyzed.

Sportradar FanID empowers rightsholders with deeper fan insights and purchase intent knowledge, enhancing the value they offer sponsors. Brands benefit from scalable, direct fan engagement through personalized and relevant ads.

Rainer Geier, EVP of Fan Engagement at Sportradar, emphasizes the opportunity this transition presents. He notes, “The shift from third-party cookies is an opportunity for deeper fan understanding and more efficient digital ad delivery. Our leadership and global partnerships have given us unique fan insights. Sportradar FanID exemplifies our commitment to innovation and monetization potential enhancement.”

Our Comment on the Article

Sportradar’s FanID is a pioneering solution that addresses the evolving landscape of digital marketing in sports. By focusing on first-party data and personalized engagement, Sportradar is setting a new standard in sports marketing, ensuring that fans receive content that resonates with their preferences.

This innovation not only benefits rightsholders and brands but also enhances the overall fan experience, marking a significant shift in how sports entities interact with and understand their audiences. As Sportradar continues to innovate, the sports industry is poised for a more connected and engaging future.