by Mateusz Mazur

Sports Betting CPI Seeks Extension for Investigations into Match-Fixing Allegations

The president of the Sports Betting CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry), Deputy Julio Arcoverde (PP-PI), has submitted a request for the extension of the commission’s work by an additional 2 months. The CPI, which is investigating alleged match-fixing schemes in Brazilian football, was initiated on May 17 and was initially set to conclude its work within 120 days.

Essential extension

In his official request, Deputy Arcoverde emphasized the need for more time to complete the investigations thoroughly. He highlighted that there are still multiple individuals and entities to be interviewed, documents to be analyzed, and investigative steps to be taken. Arcoverde stated that an extension is essential to achieve the objectives of the CPI and ensure a comprehensive examination of the alleged match-fixing schemes.

Since its inception, the CPI has received 246 requests from its members, ranging from invitations and summonses to breaches of secrecy and requests for information related to investigations and police procedures.

To maintain the integrity of the Brazilian football

The CPI’s focus is on investigating suspicions of manipulation in the results of Brazilian football matches, particularly in Serie A and Serie B games of the Brasileirão. The initiative to establish the commission was prompted by the findings of Operation Maximum Penalty, an investigation conducted by the Public Ministry of Goiás, which revealed irregularities in several football matches.

The CPI aims to shed light on match-fixing allegations, maintain the integrity of Brazilian football, and take appropriate measures against those involved in any wrongdoing. The commission will continue its work with the objective of uncovering the truth behind the alleged match-fixing schemes.

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