Date: 06.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

SPRIBE and Delasport Join Forces to Revolutionize iGaming in 2024

SPRIBE and Delasport are kicking off 2024 with an exciting collaboration that promises to shake up the iGaming landscape. Delasport, a leading provider of modern sportsbook solutions, is teaming up with SPRIBE, known for its innovative B2B Casino platform Broadway, to create a dynamic partnership set to launch before March’s end this year.

SPRIBE announces B2B Platform & Partnership with Delasport

SPRIBE’s Expansion into B2B Casino Platform

SPRIBE, recognized for its pioneering role in Crash and Arcade casino games, has evolved into a casino content powerhouse. The company, founded in 2018, has chosen to leverage its industry-leading position to expand into the B2B Casino platform arena. SPRIBE’s innovative team is poised to bring their expertise to the forefront, ensuring a swift market setup and launch.

Delasport’s Modern Sportsbook Solution

Delasport, on the other hand, is known for its award-winning modern sportsbook solution. Loved by players and trusted by operators, this sportsbook offering consistently maintains a double-digit margin and boosts player retention. By collaborating with SPRIBE, Delasport aims to enhance its portfolio with the cutting-edge B2B Casino platform.

Quotes from The Board

Delasport CEO, Oren Cohen Shwartz, expressed his pride in the partnership, stating, “We are proud to start off the year with such a strong partnership with such amazing talented people. SPRIBE has already demonstrated their will to push boundaries and innovate, and for this reason, partnering up with them fits like a glove as we’re constantly releasing new innovative features. Both companies are simply not interested in imitating and producing more of the same, but to lead the way, bravely.”

SPRIBE’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Giorgi Tsutskiridze, emphasized the significance of the partnership, saying, “Up until now our main focus has been in the casino content vertical, but offering a whole B2B platform requires providing a reliable innovative sportsbook that delivers results as well. This is why my colleagues and I are so glad we have Delasport as our partner in the sports betting field.”

The collaboration between SPRIBE and Delasport promises to bring fresh innovations and a broader range of gaming experiences to the iGaming world, offering both operators and players exciting opportunities for growth and engagement.

Objective Commentary

The partnership between SPRIBE and Delasport marks an exciting development in the iGaming industry. As these two industry leaders pool their expertise and resources, the potential for innovative solutions and enhanced gaming experiences is substantial. Operators and players alike can anticipate a wave of fresh opportunities and engagement, setting the stage for a dynamic evolution within the iGaming arena. This collaboration underscores the industry’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering cutting-edge experiences in 2024 and beyond.