by Antoni Majewski

Stake.com Partners with Enteractive to Revitalize Lapsed Player Accounts

Stake teams up with Enteractive, a pioneer in player reactivation and conversion, to launch tailored reactivation campaigns, aiming to re-engage lapsed players and enhance the sports betting brand’s customer relationship management efforts.

A Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced CRM

Stake.com, a prominent figure in the sports betting and iGaming industry, has enlisted the expertise of Enteractive, renowned for its innovative approach to player conversion and reactivation. This partnership focuses on bespoke reactivation campaigns designed to rekindle interest among players with dormant accounts, leveraging Enteractive’s personalized outreach strategies to optimize revenue generation from these segments.

Enteractive’s Personalized Approach

Enteractive’s strategy centers on a personalized engagement model, aiming to transform inactive accounts into active ones through one-to-one interactions. This method has been recognized for its effectiveness in the iGaming sector, particularly in reviving dormant player accounts and enhancing the lifetime player value (LPV).

Jarrod Febbraio, Stake.com’s Director of Commercial, expressed confidence in Enteractive’s ability to significantly contribute to Stake.com’s CRM efforts. He highlighted Enteractive’s industry acclaim for re-engaging specific player segments and anticipates a substantial boost in LPV, active player base, and overall revenue.

Enteractive’s Commitment to Conversion Success

Kelly Briffa, B2B Sales Executive at Enteractive, emphasized the importance of direct conversations with players in reaching elusive audience segments and achieving conversion goals. Enteractive’s sustainable methodologies, coupled with its seamless integration capabilities, underscore the value of personalized reactivation campaigns in enriching the player experience and driving revenue growth.

With 15 years of experience in engaging directly with players and a history of generating significant revenue for the iGaming industry, Enteractive stands as a leader in its field. In the past year alone, the company interacted with over 8.1 million players, contributing to substantial operator revenue through its (Re)Activation Cloud technology and a team of native-speaking sales agents.

A New Chapter for Stake.com

This partnership marks a significant step for Stake.com in optimizing its player engagement and retention strategies. By leveraging Enteractive’s specialized services, Stake.com aims to rejuvenate its lapsed player segments, promising a richer brand experience and increased profitability in the competitive iGaming landscape.

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