by Antoni Majewski

Stakelogic Expands Swedish Presence Through Partnership with ATG

In a strategic move to bolster its presence in the Swedish market, Stakelogic, a leading provider of premium casino content, has announced a new partnership with renowned Swedish operator ATG, offering a diverse range of innovative online slot titles to Swedish players.

A Milestone Partnership for Market Expansion

Stakelogic’s latest collaboration with ATG marks a significant step in its efforts to strengthen its position in the competitive Swedish gaming market. This partnership allows ATG full access to Stakelogic’s impressive portfolio of online slot games, known for their innovation and engaging gameplay. This move not only enhances Stakelogic’s market presence but also enriches the gaming experience for ATG’s customers.

Players at ATG will now have the opportunity to explore a variety of both modern and classic online slot titles from Stakelogic. Known for blending innovative bonus features with captivating gameplay, Stakelogic’s titles such as ‘Rooster Mobs’, ‘Wild Wild Bass 3’, and ‘Wild Hogs’ are set to be major hits among ATG’s audience. Furthermore, Stakelogic’s unique range of classic slot games, which combine traditional designs with modern gameplay mechanics, promises a nostalgic yet thrilling gaming experience.

Revolutionizing the Game with “Super Wheel”

In its quest to continuously innovate, Stakelogic has recently launched the Super Wheel, an industry-first feature that merges slot action with live casino experience. This optional side-bet feature, available on any spin, transports players to a live casino setting where they can spin a money wheel for big prizes and additional in-game bonuses, showcasing Stakelogic’s commitment to game-changing bonus features.

Neil Tanti, Sales Manager at Stakelogic, emphasized the importance of the Swedish market and expressed confidence that the partnership with ATG would solidify Stakelogic’s status as a top developer in the region. He remarked, “Players in Sweden demand the best from their online casino content, and we believe our unique brand of online slot action provides them with exactly that.”

Echoing this sentiment, Christian Erlandsson, Head of Sports and Casino at ATG, expressed enthusiasm about adding Stakelogic’s games to their collection, highlighting their role in strengthening ATG’s position as a leading online casino in Sweden.

Reflecting on the Partnership

The collaboration between Stakelogic and ATG signifies a pivotal moment for the Swedish online gaming market. It not only demonstrates Stakelogic’s growing influence in the region but also reflects the evolving demands of Swedish players for diverse and innovative gaming experiences.

As Stakelogic continues to push the boundaries with unique game features like Super Wheel, this partnership is poised to reshape the landscape of online gaming in Sweden, offering players a blend of nostalgia and modernity in their gaming choices.

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