Date: 22.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Stakelogic Strengthens Ontario Presence with SkillOnNet Partnership

Stakelogic, a frontrunner in casino content, has announced a pivotal partnership with SkillOnNet to expand its footprint in the Ontario market. This collaboration will bring Stakelogic’s innovative slots and live casino games to SkillOnNet’s platforms in Ontario, marking a significant step in Stakelogic’s growth strategy.

Stakelogic Strengthens Ontario Presence with SkillOnNet Partnership

Expanding Stakelogic’s Reach in Ontario

Stakelogic’s latest deal with SkillOnNet is a key move to deepen its presence in Ontario’s burgeoning iGaming market. This follows closely after Stakelogic’s recent partnership with TonyBet, further solidifying its position in the region.

SkillOnNet’s platforms will now feature Stakelogic’s extensive array of online slots, including popular titles like Wild Wild Bass 3, Roosters Mobs, and Spiñata Piñata, alongside classic fan favorites. This diverse range ensures a rich and varied gaming experience for players.

Innovative Live Casino Experiences

Beyond slots, the deal also introduces Stakelogic Live’s suite of live casino games to Ontario players. These games, including Speed Baccarat, Spin to Win, and Super Stake Roulette, are broadcast from state-of-the-art studios in Malta and the Netherlands, offering an immersive live gaming experience.

A notable addition is the innovative Super Wheel feature, providing an extra layer of excitement. This optional bet can lead players to a live money-wheel, offering chances to win prizes and unlock additional bonus features.

Executives Express Optimism

Neil Tanti, Sales Manager at Stakelogic, expressed enthusiasm: “We are excited to begin working with SkillOnNet in Ontario. We have an excellent relationship with the company, and they are providing us with the perfect platform as we continue to make waves in the Ontario market.”

Jani Kontturi, Head of Games at SkillOnNet, also commented: “Stakelogic is a name that’s synonymous with innovation and disruption… We’re delighted to help increase their sphere of influence in Ontario, where their games are already proving to be hugely popular.”

Objective Commentary: A Strategic Move for Stakelogic and SkillOnNet

The partnership between Stakelogic and SkillOnNet represents a strategic advancement in the competitive Ontario iGaming market. Stakelogic’s integration of both slots and live casino games on SkillOnNet’s platform not only broadens the variety of gaming experiences available to players but also strengthens Stakelogic’s market position.

As Ontario continues to emerge as a major player in the iGaming industry, such collaborations are crucial for companies aiming to establish a strong presence in the region. This partnership underscores the importance of innovative and diverse gaming content in driving growth and customer engagement in the online casino sector.