Date: 24.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:44

Support and assistance: The path to responsible gaming

As part of Responsible Gambling Week, we also focus on supporting and providing relevant information to those who may be struggling to control their gambling behavior. In today’s article, we advise how and with whom to talk about gambling problems, how to ask for help and how to provide it.

How to recognize that you are addicted to gambling

Gambling addiction is a very serious problem that more and more people are facing with the popularization of this branch of entertainment. Despite the commitment of operators and regulators to ensure safe entertainment for players, as well as many campaigns to raise awareness of the rules of safe gaming, many still fall into the trap of addiction.

Becoming aware of the problem is certainly an important first step on the way out of addiction. Only then, we are able to use the help of relatives or specialists.

  • When a game ceases to be responsible, players become particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction. How do we know that this may actually be our problem? Check if you demonstrate any of the behaviors listed below.
  • You spend much more on bets than you originally wanted, or you don’t set your game budget at all.
  • Spending on gambling negatively affects the quality of your life. You are running out of money for basic needs.
  • You spend more time on gambling than you originally assumed. Gambling becomes your only form of relaxation in your free time.
  • While performing professional or family duties, you eagerly await the moment when you can indulge in gambling.
  • Your gambling performance has a significant impact on your well-being.
  • The negative emotions associated with game failures are transferred to other areas of your life.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the alarming signals that let the gambler know that he or she is approaching the point of gambling addiction or is already addicted to it. If you see that betting or casino gaming has any negative impact on your life, you should also consider giving up this form of entertainment or asking for help.

Where to look for help

Foundations and aid organizations:

Many countries have non-profit organizations that offer support to people with gambling problems. Such organizations often provide treatment programs, support groups, as well as advice and information on gambling addiction. The legal operator should provide you with information about the contact details of such organizations.

Telephone helplines:

Many countries offer free telephone helplines for people with gambling problems. When you call such a line, you can get support, talk about your difficulties and receive advice regarding next steps. Such a telephone number can be found on the website of any legal gambling operator.

Websites and applications:

For those who would prefer to remain anonymous, many organizations offer online support. Websites and apps offer tools, self-help tests and access to online therapists.

How to look for support?

Understanding the problem

The first step in seeking support is to understand that you have a problem in controlling your gambling. It can be difficult, but crucial. If you feel that gambling begins to negatively affect your life, it’s a sign that it’s time to act.

Contact the support organization

If you are already aware of the problem, do not hesitate to contact an organization that helps people with gambling problems. They can help you identify the steps you need to take.

Talk about the problem

Don’t be afraid to talk about your gambling problem with your loved ones. It can be difficult, but support of family and friends is irreplaceable.

How to Help Relatives in Need

If you have a relative who has trouble in controlling gambling, there are many ways to help him or her.

First of all, be understanding. Understand that gambling addiction is a disease, not a bad choice or bad will. Be patient and support your loved ones.

Support a gambling addict in seeking help. Help your loved one find the right sources of support, such as non-profit organizations or telephone support lines.

Maintain healthy boundaries. While support is important, don’t forget about your own health and boundaries. When helping others, don’t forget about yourself.

Safety of players and their relatives

Supporting responsible gaming also means supporting those who may have trouble in controlling their gambling behavior.

Available organizations and phone lines are ready to instantly help these people in difficult times. If you have a gambling problem or know someone who has it, don’t hesitate to seek support.

Gambling is a form of entertainment that should be healthy and safe, both for players and their relatives.