by Adam Dworak

Svenska Spel Faces SEK100m Fine for Player Protection Shortcomings

In a significant development within the Swedish gambling sector, Spelinspektionen, the nation’s gambling regulator, has imposed a hefty SEK100 million (€8.7 million) penalty on Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

This punitive measure comes in light of the operator’s failure to adequately protect players from excessive gambling during the last quarter of 2021.

A Deep Dive into Duty of Care

The investigation by Spelinspektionen revealed that Svenska Spel Sport & Casino did not take sufficient measures to safeguard 10 customers who incurred substantial losses between October and December 2021. This finding underscores the critical importance of operators upholding their duty of care towards players, a principle that has been in sharp focus since its introduction in 2019.

Svenska Spel’s Response and Potential Appeal

In response to the regulator’s decision, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino’s CEO, Fredrik Wastenson, expressed the company’s commitment to high standards in responsible gaming. Wastenson acknowledged the Gambling Inspectorate’s findings, emphasizing that the operator has since addressed many of the highlighted issues and continues to enhance its responsible gaming practices.

However, Wastenson also hinted at the possibility of appealing the decision, citing a perceived discrepancy between the Swedish Gaming Authority’s assessment and the existing regulatory framework. He stressed that the regulator’s interpretation seemed to extend beyond the established regulations, prompting the operator to consider its next steps carefully.

Moving Forward with Clarity and Responsibility

The fine levied against Svenska Spel Sport & Casino serves as a potent reminder of the gambling industry’s obligations towards player protection. It also highlights the evolving nature of regulatory expectations and the need for operators to stay abreast of guidance and supervisory decisions.

Our Comment on the Article

The Spelinspektionen’s decision to fine Svenska Spel Sport & Casino for player protection failings marks a pivotal moment in the enforcement of responsible gaming principles in Sweden. This case illustrates the dynamic interplay between operators and regulators in interpreting and implementing duty of care standards.

As the industry moves forward, this episode underscores the necessity for clear guidelines and robust mechanisms to safeguard players, ensuring that the principles of responsible gaming are not just upheld but are continuously advanced.

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