Date: 22.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:40

Svenska Spel’s Gräsroten Initiative: Empowering Youth Sports Across Sweden

Svenska Spel, through its Gräsroten initiative, has announced a substantial distribution of 35 million SEK to 8,654 sports clubs, marking its largest contribution to date for youth sports.

This funding is allocated for diverse purposes, including purchasing new equipment, conducting leader training, and supporting various projects aimed at addressing crucial issues in communities.

Targeting Broad and Meaningful Impact

The annual Gräsrotsundersökning survey by Svenska Spel reveals that most clubs use these funds to acquire new equipment and provide leadership training.

This investment aims to attract more children and youth to sports and encourage their long-term participation. Some clubs, however, are going the extra mile, utilizing these funds for significant projects to enhance well-being beyond sports.

Innovative Community Projects

Several clubs are pioneering unique initiatives. For instance, Åstorp Kvidinge in Skåne offers homework help at their facilities, Hammarby IF Bandy organizes a skating school for newcomers, and Piteå Elit is working to boost the growth of young skiers in Norrbotten.

Husqvarna FF has renovated its activity house to cater to members’ interests beyond sports, all contributing to a stronger sense of community and reduced youth exclusion.

Supporting Inclusivity and Accessibility

A significant portion of the clubs also use Gräsroten funds to reduce membership fees, making sports accessible even for those whose families might not afford it. This approach ensures that all children and youth can participate in sports on equal terms.

The increasing number of girls in hockey is a noteworthy trend, with several clubs using Gräsroten funds for targeted efforts to attract more girls. BollnäsWasps, for example, has invested in marketing materials featuring girls, as well as additional equipment and jerseys, to welcome more participants and shape the future of Swedish hockey.

Top Beneficiaries and Sports

The largest Gräsroten payouts went to AIK Ishockeyförening, Leksands IF Ishockey, and Hammarby IF Bandy.

Besides football, the sports receiving the most funds include ice hockey, handball, and floorball.

Leaders’ Comments on the Impact

Patrik Hofbauer, CEO of Svenska Spel, stresses the importance of giving children and youth the chance to pursue their dreams through sports.

Angelica Lindeberg of SDHL expresses pride in the significant investment in women’s hockey.

Anna Romboli and Fredrik Wastenson of Svenska Spel emphasize the role of customers in this initiative.

Representatives from Piteå Elit, Husqvarna FF, and Leksands IF discuss the specific impacts of the Gräsroten funds on their operations and community initiatives.

Our Comment on the Article

Svenska Spel’s Gräsroten initiative represents a commendable effort to support and develop youth sports across Sweden. By distributing significant funds to a wide range of sports clubs, Gräsroten is not only enhancing sports participation but also contributing to broader social objectives such as inclusivity, community building, and youth development.

The initiative’s focus on providing equal opportunities for all children and youth, regardless of their economic background, is particularly praiseworthy. This approach, coupled with the targeted efforts to promote women’s participation in sports like hockey, demonstrates a deep understanding of the transformative power of sports in society.