Date: 03.04.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Sweden’s BOS Supports New Anti-Match-Fixing Measures

In a significant development within the Swedish gambling sector, the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has come forward with a public endorsement of the government’s latest initiative aimed at curbing match-fixing.


Representing 18 leading gambling companies in Sweden, BOS has historically been vocal in its critique of the nation’s gambling reforms. However, this recent expression of support marks a notable shift, emphasizing the critical importance of collaborative efforts to maintain the integrity of the gaming market.

United Against Match-Fixing

BOS’s backing underscores a shared commitment across the industry to fostering a transparent and trustworthy gaming environment, essential for consumer confidence and the sector’s long-term viability. Despite BOS member companies already implementing robust measures against match-fixing, the association recognizes the indispensability of a united front comprising gambling operators, sports associations, and law enforcement to effectively combat these illegal undertakings.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, BOS’s general secretary, encapsulated this sentiment, stating, “No game consumer, except the game consumer who has a criminal agenda, wants to place its bets on a market whose integrity cannot be trusted.” This statement reflects the collective stance of BOS and its members on the crucial role of integrity in ensuring consumer trust.

Enhancing Transparency and Cooperation

The memorandum put forth by the Swedish government proposes an improved framework for the exchange of information pertaining to legal infractions, a move that BOS warmly welcomes. The emphasis on transparency and collaboration among all stakeholders is pivotal in identifying and mitigating instances of match-fixing, thereby protecting the sanctity of sports events and betting markets.

Additionally, BOS highlighted the essential role of channelization in the gaming market, advocating for the government to maintain a minimum of 90% channelization to licensed gambling operators. This strategy is vital for ensuring that data exchange and regulatory oversight are confined to licensed entities, thereby bolstering industry accountability and consumer safety.

Channelization and Market Integrity

Despite initial advancements following the inauguration of the gambling license market in 2019, BOS has observed a worrying decline in channelization rates. The association is calling on the government to recommit to the original channelization goals and adopt decisive measures against unregulated operators while educating consumers on making prudent choices.

BOS suggests that a holistic approach, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of licensed operators against their unlicensed counterparts, is key to achieving the channelization objective. Hoffstedt iterated the necessity of intensified governmental efforts, stating, “The government must intensify its work for strengthened channelization, as it will never be enough to focus solely on so-called repressive measures.”

Our Comment on the Article

BOS’s support for Sweden’s anti-match-fixing initiative represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle for integrity within the gambling industry. By advocating for enhanced cooperation and transparency, BOS underscores the collective responsibility of all industry stakeholders in safeguarding the gaming environment. As the government and the gambling sector join forces to combat match-fixing, the focus on channelization and consumer education emerges as a cornerstone for maintaining a secure, trustworthy, and vibrant market. This collaborative spirit not only aims to preserve the integrity of sports and betting but also reinforces the industry’s commitment to responsible gambling practices.