Date: 26.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Swedish Gambling Sector Faces New Challenges with Unlicensed Operators

The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) is under pressure to address the growing concerns among licensed operators in Sweden regarding the facilitation of transactions between consumers and unlicensed gambling entities.


Reports have emerged that Finshark, a financial services entity specializing in open banking payments, has been implicated in enabling such transactions, raising alarms within the regulated gambling community.

Licensed Operators Demand Action

Several licensed operators have formally requested the SGA to conduct a thorough investigation following a similar incident involving Zimpler, another payment solutions provider, which ceased its services to unlicensed operators after regulatory intervention. The situation appears to have deteriorated, with allegations of an additional pay-and-play feature being utilized by unlicensed platforms.

Infiniza Ltd Under Scrutiny

The spotlight is now on Infiniza Ltd, a Malta-based company operating under a Malta Gaming Authority license since 2018. Allegations suggest that Infiniza’s casino websites allow Swedish players to use local mobile numbers and the national BankID system for deposits, with Krofort, an instant payment provider without apparent licensing, acting as the recipient.

This setup reportedly provides Infiniza with an unfair advantage over fully licensed operators in Sweden.

Regulatory Concerns and Payment Blocking Powers

Regulated operators argue that the grey market’s access to rapid payment services, expected by domestic players for swift cashouts, puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

Questions are being raised about the SGA’s delay in addressing these issues, despite having the authority to block payments to unlicensed operators since March 2023.

Our Comment on the Article

The unfolding situation in Sweden’s gambling industry highlights the complex challenges regulators face in policing the rapidly evolving digital payment landscape.

The SGA’s potential exercise of its payment blocking powers could set a precedent for how gambling authorities worldwide manage the delicate balance between innovation in financial technology and the need to maintain a fair, regulated gambling environment.

As the industry awaits the SGA’s response, the outcome of this situation could significantly impact the future regulatory framework for online gambling in Sweden and beyond.