by Mateusz Mazur

Swedish Public Gaming Habits Revealed in Spelinspektionen’s Annual Survey

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority, has released the findings of its annual survey, “Allmänheten om spel”, conducted in collaboration with Enkätfabriken.


The survey, carried out in late November 2023, offers valuable insights into the gambling habits of Swedes, highlighting trends and perceptions in the gaming sector.

Key Findings of the Survey

The survey reveals several critical aspects of gambling behavior in Sweden:

  • 75% of Swedes have gambled for money in the past 12 months, a slight increase from the previous measurement.
  • 41% reported having gambled in the last week, marking a 3% rise from the previous survey.
  • Lotteries and number games are the most popular forms of gambling, with 74% of gamblers participating in these.
  • 69% believe that gaming companies are taking responsibility for gambling problems, showing a marginal increase from earlier surveys.
  • Awareness of Spelpaus.se, the self-exclusion tool, stands at 65%, slightly higher than before.

Insights into Swedish Gambling Trends

These findings provide a snapshot of the current state of gambling in Sweden, indicating a steady involvement of the public in various forms of gaming. The increase in weekly gambling activity and the sustained popularity of lotteries and number games reflect the evolving dynamics of the Swedish gaming market.

The survey also sheds light on the growing awareness and responsibility in gambling. The increase in the perception that gaming companies are addressing gambling problems and the higher awareness of self-exclusion tools like Spelpaus.se are positive signs of a more responsible gambling environment in Sweden.

Our Comment on the Article

The “Allmänheten om spel” survey by Spelinspektionen is a crucial tool in understanding the gambling habits and attitudes of the Swedish public. The findings underscore a responsible approach towards gaming, with increased awareness of self-exclusion tools and a belief in the accountability of gaming companies.

These trends are vital for shaping future policies and practices in the Swedish gambling industry, ensuring a balanced approach that prioritizes player protection while allowing for the enjoyment of gaming. As Sweden prepares for potential legislative changes and market developments, such insights will be instrumental in guiding responsible and sustainable growth in the gambling sector.

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