Date: 23.05.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Swedish Regulator Cracks Down on WiseAvant’s Skins Betting Platform

Swedish gambling authority Spelinspektionen has recently taken decisive action against WiseAvant, a company involved in the emerging market of skins betting.

Violations and Regulatory Actions

WiseAvant’s platform allowed users to wager skins in the hope of winning more valuable ones. However, losing bets resulted in the forfeiture of staked items.

The critical issue highlighted by Spelinspektionen was WiseAvant’s lack of a proper gambling license to offer such betting options in Sweden, which constitutes a breach of the country’s stringent gambling regulations.

The concept of skins betting blurs the lines between virtual goods and traditional gambling, posing unique challenges for regulators. The legal status of skins as gambling products is contentious and complex, requiring careful navigation by legal authorities to define and regulate.

Marketing Missteps

Further complicating WiseAvant’s situation, the company was found to be promoting its betting services through social media and streaming platforms, including Twitch.

This marketing strategy violated Sweden’s rules on gambling advertisements, adding to the reasons behind the regulatory crackdown.

Impact on the Gambling and Gaming Industry

The ban on WiseAvant underscores the ongoing issues facing regulators as they adapt to the evolving landscape of online gambling, which now includes virtual goods.

This case serves as a significant precedent for how similar situations might be handled globally, emphasizing the need for companies in the gaming industry to secure appropriate licenses and comply with local regulations.