Date: 17.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Swintt Amplifies Gaming Experience with ATG Partnership

In an exciting development in the online gaming world, Swintt, the innovative software provider, has announced a significant partnership with ATG, Sweden’s leading gaming brand. This deal will bring Swintt’s full catalogue, including SwinttPremium, SwinttGames, and third-party SwinttStudios releases, to ATG’s platform, marking a substantial expansion in the Swedish gaming market.

A Diverse Catalogue for ATG’s Platform

Players at can look forward to a wide array of gaming options. This includes everything from traditional casino classics to modern video slots, encompassing Swintt’s diverse game offerings. The inclusion of third-party titles from the SwinttStudios programme further enriches the variety available to players.

For Swintt, this partnership represents a major milestone in bolstering its presence in Sweden’s gaming sector. Similarly, ATG will be able to enhance its already dominant position as the country’s premier gaming company, offering an even broader range of gaming experiences to its customers.

Swintt’s Collections: A Closer Look

SwinttGames and SwinttStudios are particularly noteworthy for Swedish players. SwinttGames offers innovative slots with unique features, while SwinttStudios allows third-party studios to display their games using Swintt’s technology. Titles like the cluster pays slot ‘Candy Gold’ and ‘Aloha Spirit XtraLockTM’ are prime examples of Swintt’s engaging game designs.

The SwinttStudios catalogue includes exciting games like ‘Capsule Treasure Thor’s Strike’ from Samurai Studio, which offers a gacha machine-style mini-game. For those who prefer classic gaming experiences, SwinttPremium provides an array of games inspired by traditional land-based slot machines, complete with casino-style sounds and symbols.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

Lars Kollind, Head of Business Development at Swintt, said: “With being the #1 gaming operator in Sweden, we’ve certainly found the perfect platform to showcase our exciting range of titles – and with SwinttGames, SwinttPremium and SwinttStudios releases launching there shortly, we’re sure the deal will be a big win-win for everyone involved.”

Christian Erlandsson, Head of Sports and Casino at ATG, also commented on the partnership, highlighting the steady growth of ATG Casino and the natural progression to expand their offerings with games from studios like Swintt.

The collaboration between Swintt and ATG is a significant step in the evolution of online gaming in Sweden. It not only enhances the gaming experience for players but also demonstrates the commitment of both companies to innovation and customer satisfaction in the dynamic world of online gaming.

Our Comment on the Article

This partnership between Swintt and ATG is a clear indicator of the growing importance of strategic collaborations in the gaming industry. By joining forces, Swintt and ATG are set to deliver a more diverse and engaging gaming experience, which is crucial in today’s highly competitive market. This move not only benefits the players with more choices but also strengthens the position of both companies in the industry, showcasing the power of collaboration in driving innovation and growth.